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Reducing physical contact without sacrificing efficiency

As minimizing contact and ensuring that safe payment methods are available for patients and healthcare providers becomes increasingly essential, touch-free payment processing solutions provide what the industry needs. Touch-free payment options minimize contact while efficiently billing and administering payments. This approach uses digital platforms to interface with payment processing technology and seamlessly handle payments. With technology that allows patients to pay with no-touch scanning, tapping, or mobile options, you empower them to manage bills for your services more conveniently.

Rectangle Health helps your practice manage requirements with technology that prevents close contact or touching the same surface.

  • Fast and safe
    Registration and checkout are faster and safer with options for touch-free payments.
  • Existing system functionality
    You’ll get an integrated, cohesive platform that interfaces with your existing payment processing system.
  • Limited touchpoints
    Physical payment methods don’t have to go from hand to hand to protect patients and office administrators from handling cards or cash.
  • Latest features
    Our Practice Management Bridge® payment solution provides the latest innovations in the field that work seamlessly in the healthcare industry.

At Rectangle Health, our goal is to decrease your accounts receivable balance and equip your practice to manage payments more efficiently and effectively. Our payment terminals can accept funds through mobile devices, including Google Pay, Apple Pay® and Samsung Pay®, and also work with tap-to-pay cards. If the patient already has a card on file at your office, you can search for their card using an ID number and charge it directly.

Rectangle Health helps healthcare offices collect up to 50% more in A/R payments in ways that create a smooth customer experience for patients, ultimately boosting financial stability and growth.

Our touch-free technology benefits all providers.

Medical practices and healthcare organizations

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Dental practices and Dental Service Organizations

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Ophthalmology, veterinary, and all other specialties

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Solution highlights


E-signature Storage

Make future payments, digital intake forms, and email receipts touch-free.

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Online Payments

Collect digital payments through an online payment portal on your website.

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Signature Bypass

Optionally skip receiving a signature when patients make payments in the office.

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Contactless Payments

Accept safe and secure payments through Apple Pay®, Google Pay, Samsung Pay®, and contactless cards.

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Text to Pay

Take the work out of payment plan administration, provide flexibility for patients, and reduce balances in accounts receivable.

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Card on File

Offer patients contactless convenience while paying at the office, over the phone, or online.

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Increased safety Faster checkout Customer experience

Rather than potentially spreading germs through cards or cash, touch-free payment options allow your practice to manage payments at a safe distance to protect your staff and patients.

When you use efficient touch-free payment options or access a card already on file, you can shorten the overall checkout time for your patients, improving efficiency and convenience.

With touch-free billing technology, your patients will have a seamless, convenient experience working with you, saving them effort during the payment process.

“Think of the ROI on that alone. Pretty impressive.”

With yearly patient billing numbers in the eight-figure range and an outdated payment process, Scott Sabolich Prosthetics needed technology to automate their billing and payment workflow in order to reduce A/R and increase staff efficiency.

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