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Store payment information securely with Card on File.

Securely store payment card information in a way that boosts efficiency and ensures compliance. With Card on File, patients can save their preferred payment method in a secure vault, greatly simplifying the checkout process. Our secure payment vault not only adheres to PCI, DSS, and HIPAA compliance but also protects your business against the costs associated with fraud. Payment data remains encrypted and off-premise, offering your practice the peace of mind it deserves.

Secure and Convenient

Why Card on File?

At the intersection of healthcare and financial convenience lies Bridge Payments – a leading, comprehensive payment platform. With our Card on File solution feature, we've reimagined the way healthcare providers handle transactions, ensuring that convenience and security are never mutually exclusive. Securely store payment card information in our flexible platform and enable patients to breeze through the checkout process, saving time and enhancing their overall experience.

How you benefit:

Our easy-to-navigate system means quickly setting up CoF is a matter of a few clicks, whether it’s during an office visit, over the phone, or when patients fill out digital registration forms.

Keep up with the shift towards touch-free transactions by embracing contactless payments and enabling patients to pay without swiping or inserting a card.

Medical expenses become less daunting for your patients thanks to custom, interest-free payment plans – facilitating affordability while ensuring your practice’s services are compensated.

With the ability to auto-bill patients and process payments promptly, experience a smoother cash flow, reduce manual entry errors, and save valuable admin time.


Advantages of Bridge Payments.

When it comes to payment information, security is not just a feature – it's a necessity. With our solutions, you can assure your patients that their card details are handled with the highest security measures. We employ state-of-the-art encryption and security practices to securely store every payment card detail, giving you and your patients the peace of mind you need.

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Experience the benefits:

Our Card on File Agreements ensure that your organization is safe from chargebacks or disputes, with clear authorization from your patients for credit card charges.

With the Card Account Updater tool, expirations and card changes are automatically refreshed each month, ensuring that stored card information is up-to-date and transactions are seamless.

Our system is designed to keep patient payment data off your premises, using encrypted storage to maintain PCI, DSS, and HIPAA compliance, mitigating the risk and cost associated with payment card fraud.

Our risk management professionals diligently safeguard against fraudulent activities, providing you and your patients peace of mind.

Freeing the staff up from those tedious monthly payment issues and always having to re-access a credit card is probably saving tens of thousands of dollars in staff time.”

Perry K. Tuneberg, D.D.S.

Perry K. Tuneberg & Associates, Inc.

When it comes to healthcare – period – Rectangle Health is the only solution I could ever potentially consider.”

Sam Zantout

Co-Owner of Therapy Specialists of Oklahoma

I can’t say enough about the Rectangle Health team. They have been there through all of it, and I think that has made the difference...It’s really been smooth sailing for such a large group.”

Adrianna Weicht

Chief Operations Officer, Innovative Healthcare Business Solutions and Consultant to Ortho Florida

Embrace the Benefits of Card on File

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