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Simplify healthcare payments with Text-to-Pay.

The landscape of healthcare payments is rapidly evolving, and staying at the forefront of this change is crucial for modern practices. That’s why offering mobile payment options like Text-to-Pay through Practice Management Bridge® is more than just an advancement in billing—it’s an essential tool for clinics and practices that wish to provide outstanding service, reduce overhead costs, and streamline payment collection.

Secure and Convenient

Why Text-to-Pay?

Text-to-Pay is designed with both the healthcare provider and the patient in mind. Patients gravitate towards seamless experiences, especially when it comes to managing payments. According to ProviderTech, 80% of consumers prefer using digital channels to pay their healthcare bills. By integrating Text-to-Pay, your practice can be at the forefront of this digital shift, offering a simplified payment process that matches your patients' preferred methods.

How you benefit:

Eliminate or reduce the need for physical billing statements and the labor-intensive process of mail-outs.

Leverage direct and immediate communication with follow-up calls reduced to a minimum.

Offer a payment method that aligns with the digital preferences of today's healthcare consumers.

Swiftly collect payments, significantly decreasing your accounts receivable.

Efficiency Meets Security

Advantages of Bridge Payments.

Our platform's intuitive design ensures that patients have no difficulty navigating and completing their payments. By offering a range of convenient payment options, including credit/debit cards and electronic checks, we not only make it easier for patients to respond quickly to invoices but also allow your staff to avoid the hassle of chasing late payments.

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Experience the benefits:

The quicker you can collect on outstanding balances, the healthier your accounts receivable will be. By implementing Text to Pay, payment capture becomes rapid and effortless, encouraging prompt settlements and improving cash flow.

Traditional payment methods can become a financial burden due to the costs associated with mailing paper statements. With Text to Pay, those overhead costs are significantly reduced, allowing more of your resources to flow back into patient care and clinic enhancements.

Chasing down payments can be a resource-draining task, requiring hours of staff time in follow-up calls. Text to Pay streamlines this process, enabling you to quickly reach out to individual patients or a whole patient list with automated, personalized texts containing their balance and a link to pay online.

Adopting modern technologies like Text to Pay not only projects an image of a forward-thinking practice but also aligns with the tech-savvy expectations of modern patients. Instant, convenient payment solutions can often increase patient satisfaction and loyalty.

When it comes to healthcare – period – Rectangle Health is the only solution I could ever potentially consider.”

Sam Zantout

Co-Owner of Therapy Specialists of Oklahoma

I can’t say enough about the Rectangle Health team. They have been there through all of it, and I think that has made the difference...It’s really been smooth sailing for such a large group.”

Adrianna Weicht

Chief Operations Officer, Innovative Healthcare Business Solutions and Consultant to Ortho Florida

Freeing the staff up from those tedious monthly payment issues and always having to re-access a credit card is probably saving tens of thousands of dollars in staff time.”

Perry K. Tuneberg, D.D.S.

Perry K. Tuneberg & Associates, Inc.

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