Effortlessly grow and manage your dental practice operations.

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Our advanced payments, engagement, and compliance platform accelerates revenue cycles for dental practices of all sizes. Whether your aim is to reduce accounts receivable or fill your schedule with high-value appointments, Practice Management Bridge empowers your practice to succeed.

Practice Management Bridge automates common tasks for dental offices – from payment reconciliation to patient communications and compliance management. Spend less time managing administrative tasks and more time delivering top-notch dental care.

Boost your reputation for delighting patients with our suite of patient-centric solutions. Offer patients unparalleled convenience when it comes to payments and communications, and send happy patients online to leave glowing reviews for your dental practice.


Intuitive dental office software integrations.

Unlock the power of your EHR or practice management system with our seamless dental office software integrations including CareStack®, Denticon, Eaglesoft, Dentrix, Open Dental, and more. Simplify your tech stack and drastically reduce manual data entry to save time and enhance productivity. Experience smoother operations and improved patient care with our easy-to-use platform integrations.

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  • Patient Engagement
  • Payments & Financing
  • Compliance
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Happier, more loyal patients.

Boost patient satisfaction and attract new patients to your dental practice.

Our technology is designed to streamline every aspect of the patient journey. From enhancing patient scheduling, to streamlining communications and managing online reviews, Bridge™ Engagement is your partner for success.

Increase cash flow, lower A/R.

Get ready for financial success at your dental practice with the platform that cuts accounts receivable in half.

Make it more convenient for patients to pay with modern payment methods, and drastically reduce the time you spend on billing and payment reconciliation. With Bridge™ Payments, get paid faster, increase patient collections, and save hours of staff time.

Manage compliance with ease.

Gain peace of mind in compliance with our comprehensive compliance management software for HIPAA, OSHA, and data security.

With Bridge™ Compliance, protect your dental practice and effortlessly manage compliance activities like policies and trainings so that you can focus on what you do best – delivering top-quality dental care.

Great Lakes Case Study

How Great Lakes Dental Partners reduced accounts receivable by 65%.

Learn how this 30-practice dental organization transformed the way they process payments using Text-to-Pay, card on file, and other advanced payment solutions.  


Top Practice Management Bridge features for dental practices.

Blue Online self scheduling icon
Online self-scheduling

Simplify appointment scheduling.

full payment suite blue icon
Full payment suite

Text-to-Pay, contactless payments, and more.

Blue HIPAA and OSHA compliance icon
HIPAA & OSHA compliance

Access comprehensive training and documentation.

Blue Appointment reminders icon
Appointment reminders

Avoid costly no-shows.

Patient financing blue icon
Payment plans and financing

Let patients pay over time.

Cybersecurity blue icon
Healthcare cybersecurity

Get support in the event of a breach.

surveys and reviews blue icon
Patient surveys and reviews

To gather feedback and boost online reviews.

payment posting blue icon
Automatic posting

Eliminate payment data entry.

fill my schedule blue icon
'Fill My Schedule'

Fill empty time slots with like appointments.


Designed for all dental practice subspecialties:

  • Endodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Orthodontics
  • Prosthodontics
  • Oral surgery
  • Pediatrics

Ready to transform your dental practice?

Transform your dental practice operations to save time, increase patient happiness, and accelerate growth. Our Practice Management Bridge platform helps you manage all the things you need to do, want to do, and didn’t think you could do to keep your patients happy and your practice thriving.

Set up a demo today to experience for yourself effortless technology that:

  • Streamlines payments.
  • Boosts patient engagement.
  • Empowers your practice to thrive.

Request a demo to learn why customers rated us #1.

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Technology trusted by thousands of dental practices and providers.

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It’s so simple. Everybody on our team has been really impressed by how easy it is to use.”

Breanna Slaughter, Director of Operations

Southern Dental Alliance

We were using a different vendor and our patient AR levels were rising. When we implemented Text-to-Pay, our AR went from $8 million to below $3 million in a little over 18 months.”

Donna Ramadan, Vice President of Revenue Cycle and Compliance

Great Lakes Dental Partners

I would absolutely recommend Rectangle Health…they are constantly updating their technology, and they’re giving us secure and flexible payment options, and they’ve been a consultant to us.”

Mike Nocerino, D.D.S.

Michael Nocerino DDS & Associates

We love working with Rectangle Health. We have been using them for years. They offer us a seamless bridge to our computer program and they have features that are useful and easy to navigate through! Their customer service, training, and support is above expectation.”

Wilsonville Endodontics

Rectangle Health has been an amazing addition to our practice. We were very nervous to switch companies, but it was the easiest transition! Highly recommend!”

Main Street Dental