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Drive growth as a referral partner.

In the dynamic world of healthcare, professionals are constantly seeking ways to streamline their operations, enhance patient satisfaction, and grow their practice. As a referral partner, you play a critical role. By promoting our Practice Management Bridge® platform and referring opportunities to us, you partake in a seamless revenue-driving process. If you’re connected to a network of healthcare providers and are passionate about delivering state-of-the-art solutions to them, our referral partner program is the perfect opportunity for you.

Why partner with Rectangle Health?

Rectangle Health's Practice Management Bridge® is an all-encompassing digital platform that makes it easier for healthcare providers to connect with patients, streamline payments, and maintain the compliance and security that is paramount in the healthcare industry.

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Benefit from:

By becoming a referral partner, you can broaden your service portfolio and provide a significant value-add to your network.

Earn competitive commissions for each client that signs on with Practice Management Bridge through your referral.

You connect them with Practice Management Bridge, and we take care of the rest—from implementation to ongoing support.

Recommending a proven, innovative solution like Practice Management Bridge reinforces your reputation and can deepen the trust within your healthcare network.

Getting started as a referral partner.

We welcome entities that are already serving the healthcare industry and seeking to expand their offering with minimal risk and investment. Our partnership doesn’t just enable your network to thrive; it opens doors for your own business expansion.

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Reach out through our easy-to-use contact form, and a member of our team will get in touch to discuss the program and your potential fit.

Review the referral partner program with a team member and establish a signed agreement.

Use your existing network to market Practice Management Bridge. When your referrals lead to new clients, you earn revenue.

Ready to partner?

Your network needs a cutting-edge platform they can trust, and you have the power to deliver it. Stepping into a partnership with us means embracing change, driving innovation, and scaling the impact of modern technologies in healthcare.

Partner with us, and together we’ll set a new standard of excellence in healthcare efficiency and patient care.

A secure and compliant platform.

Practice Management Bridge is developed and maintained at the highest standards for compliance to safeguard your practice, your protected health information, and your patients’ payment data.

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