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Rectangle Health’s powerful software allows you to confidently manage communication and engagement with patients and staff.

Features and Benefits

Technology that transforms

Text-Chat Conversations

Enable patients to communicate directly with your staff. Incoming texts from patients and your replies appear in your Rectangle Health Message Center.

Technology that transforms

Mass Message

Send customized messaging to broad or highly targeted patient lists, matching the exact parameters you set. Detailed reports log all pertinent delivery details, including text chats that may occur between patients and staff.

Technology that transforms

Email Campaigns

Share relevant news and information with patients quickly and efficiently. Our reporting tools let you shows who opens/clicks on your emails and manages unsubscribes.

Technology that transforms

Public Review Generation

Survey your patients and identify those most likely to provide a positive public review. Our technology uses a Net Promoter Score monitor that automatically directs those patients to top sites such as Health Grades, Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more.

Technology that transforms

Patient Experience Surveys

Automatically survey patients right after their appointments, while their experience is still fresh. We instantly compile your patient responses and summarize reports with graphs and charts showing results.

Technology that transforms

Net Promoter Score

Understand and continually monitor patient satisfaction. Using our NPS survey template, your Net Promoter Score is produced by asking patients to rate the likelihood they would refer your practice to someone else, using a scale from 0 to 10.

Technology that transforms


Stay informed of key events by receiving automated alert notifications for immediate visibility. Alerts are compiled for your review whenever a critical event occurs so you can respond quickly.

Technology that transforms

Internal Communication

Create custom messages to keep your staff informed and working on the same page. Organize a staff meeting, notify employees of weather disruptions, or send out daily agendas, to keep your team connected.

Technology that transforms

Task Management

Instantly access incoming text messages from patients, pending appointment requests, gaps in your schedule because of recent cancellations, unsuccessful reminder attempts, and high-probability no-shows. You’ll know which staff member is working on what and where things stand.

Technology that transforms

Calendar View

Provides staff with an at-a-glance view of your practice schedule. Make it easy for staff to send an impromptu text to a patient or update their contact information on the fly.

Technology that transforms

Patient Updater

The daunting task of collecting and verifying patients’ contact information is done for you, automatically! Patient Updater fills in the empty fields in your records, obtaining each patient’s preferred address for email communications, the best number for phone reminders and text message notifications, and preferred language.

Technology that transforms

User Management

Each Rectangle Health account supports multiple users, with definable permissions that control how much of the Rectangle Health service an individual user can access. These permissions can be mixed and matched on a per-user basis to achieve the ideal configuration that works best for your team.

Technology that transforms

Patient Records

Rectangle Health stores and manages data for all your patients in one place. You’ll have instant access to your patients’ contact information, communication preferences, and patient-relationship management history.

Technology that transforms

Reports and Analytics

All of your patient-relationship management metrics are accessible from a single place. Get an at-a-glance and real-time view of the state of your practice for instant action.

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