Five Ways Our CareStack Integration Drives Dental Practice Success

Bridge™ Payments just got even better with our advanced CareStack integration. 

Multiple disconnected systems. Hours of manual data entry. Lost or slow revenue. Complicated tech stacks have caused too many issues for dental practices. Providers need simple, seamless solutions to help them boost practice success. 

Bridge Payments customers already know the value of the modern, secure payments platform. “One of the things we saw with Rectangle Health is that it addresses all aspects of the payment process affecting patients and the clinic,” said one Rectangle Health customer.  

When powerful payments software integrates seamlessly with your dental office’s practice management system, the results are even more transformative.  

Introducing Bridge Payments for CareStack Customers 

CareStack is currently rated the #1 dental practice management system (PMS) on G2, the largest and most trusted software marketplace. Designed to help practices simplify operations and bolster growth, CareStack is cloud-based software that delivers patient onboarding, scheduling, communications, charting, treatment planning, claims management, and more.   

When two powerful platforms like Bridge Payments and CareStack come together, the result is happier patients, more productive staff, and thriving practices. Here are five ways our advanced CareStack integration can make your dental office more successful. 

#1: Save time (and lower headaches).   

How much time does your practice spend chasing outstanding payments to recover lost revenue? The administrative work involved in running a thriving practice is huge. Practices have to send patient statements, deliver payment reminders, and post payments to their EHR or PMS for accurate recordkeeping. Of course, most practices would prefer to put the hours of staff time spent chasing revenue to delivering top-notch dental care. 

Integrating Bridge Payments with CareStack can save practices 20 hours a month collecting and posting payments. No more manual statements, payment reminders, or data entry. Bridge Payments syncs with CareStack in real-time and automates payment posting directly into the CareStack patient account with itemized charges.  

#2: Reduce data errors.  

Accurate data is critical to practice success – recordkeeping helps ensure medical and financial integrity. Unfortunately, 80 percent of health bills contain errors, and practices collectively lose $125 billion annually to bad billing practices. Manual data entry is tedious, time-consuming, and often rife with human errors — errors that take massive amounts of time to detect, research, and fix. Not only does it waste valuable staff time, but it also often results in inaccurate or unusable billing data. 

The Bridge Payments and CareStack integration mitigates the risk of bad data. The platforms sync both ways – meaning Bridge Payments can send and receive data from CareStack and vice versa. Updates made to either platform such as patient charges or payment status will reflect in the other almost immediately.  

#3: Simplify your tech stack.   

Many providers are struggling with complicated EHRs and other software vendors. In fact, about a third of healthcare leaders find integrations to be among their biggest frustrations when it comes to software vendors. That’s because many vendors often work at best in tandem and at worst at odds with one another.

Powerful technology that works together is a game-changer for practices. That’s why Bridge Payments and CareStack integration is bidirectional, reading and writing data both ways and works in real-time for immediate updates. It’s also why Rectangle Health offers 24/7 technical support to immediately troubleshoot any issues that may arise.  

#4: Make your patients happier.  

Patients overwhelmingly want to pay their medical bills online – 85 percent of consumers would like the option. And yet nearly 9 in 10 practices still depend on paper statements.  

Modernizing your practice’s payment options can do wonders for patient satisfaction. Integrating Bridge Payments with CareStack allows you to offer patients multiple convenient ways to pay including:  

  • Text-to-Pay so patients have their charges at their fingertips.  
  • Card on file to make charges easy and automatic.  
  • QR codes so patients can easily pay online from anywhere.  
  • Contactless payments like Apple Pay® and Google Pay™ for easy in-office payments.  
  • Online payment links for your website, newsletter, social media, and more.  

When you make payments convenient, you improve the patient experience. You also ultimately improve your bottom line.

#5: Accelerate practice growth.  

The Bridge Payments and CareStack integration helps dental practices build their businesses. Whether you are aiming to reduce outstanding balances or boost staff efficiency, pairing a sophisticated payments platform with your PMS is crucial. 

Practices using Bridge Payments reduce payment reconciliation by 25 percent. Plus, they boost cash flow by giving patients more ways to pay – in the office, at home, and on the go. Bridge Payments can also help generate easy installment plans for patients with high balances and offer financing with unmatched approval rates. When you integrate Bridge Payments with CareStack, you stop leaving money on the table. 

CareStack Integration Kicks off the Technology Partnership Program 

CareStack is the first of many health tech businesses to participate in Rectangle Health’s Technology Partnership Program (TPP). By working with other companies to develop advanced integrations, the TPP aims to boost practice success for practices large and small. Providers can benefit from seamless integrated experiences and access best-in-class digital solutions across the patient journey 

CareStack + Bridge Payments: Transforming Dental Practices 

With out-of-pocket spending on healthcare services soaring over $470 billion, dental practices need new and efficient ways to manage payments. And they need simple, seamless, effective technology that shares data in real time with their PMS. Integrating Bridge Payments and CareStack – two powerful platforms for dental practices – makes practice success inevitable. 

Great technology can be powerful. But great technology that plays well with others? That’s transformational.   

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