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March 18, 2024 • Press

Rectangle Health Launches Technology Partnership Program to Drive Innovation in Healthcare

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VALHALLA, N.Y., March 18, 2024 – Rectangle Health, a leading healthcare technology company, announced its Technology Partnership Program (TPP), inviting health tech businesses to empower providers through best-in-class digital solutions across the patient journey. The company has responded to significant market demand for channel partnerships to accelerate revenue delivery for healthcare providers.

Rectangle Health has significantly expanded its product portfolio which includes healthcare focused payments technology, digital front door capabilities that engage patients, and workflow automation compliance software for practices through an all-in-one SaaS platform, Practice Management Bridge®.

Tailored to meet the unique needs and objectives of each partner, the program offers various levels of technology and commercial integration. Ranging from passive to embedded integration, TPP aims to deliver operational and financial benefits for all healthcare stakeholders. This program provides access to full APIs and technology experts to deliver seamless integrated experiences. In addition, Rectangle Health brings strong channel marketing to create effective and productive partnerships.

“These partnerships will lead to more efficient workflows, better data sharing, and enhanced interoperability between different systems used in healthcare settings,” said Mike Peluso, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at Rectangle Health. “Together, this contributes to improved patient care, streamlined administrative processes, and advancements in innovation.”

The program launches with top digital health companies such as CareStack, DSN Software, Solutionreach, EagleSoft, TheraOffice, and TDO® Practice Management Software among its current partners. These partnerships have achieved mutually beneficial business results and delivered improved experiences for their software users.

“Healthcare is complex, and companies are challenged to provide seamless and secure experiences at scale while navigating legacy infrastructure, compliance, and evolving consumer preferences,” said Abhilash Krishna, CEO of CareStack. “By partnering with Rectangle Health, CareStack can accelerate our clients’ digital transformation journey, create exceptional patient experiences, and enable growth.”

“We’re excited about designing partnerships that maximize value and exceed practitioners’ expectations,” commented Brian Doyle, SVP of Enterprise and Technology Partnerships. “Through this program, we equip firms with a full suite of healthcare solutions, including onboarding, training, and commercialization, via our Practice Management Bridge® platform. We design unique go-to-market strategies and tactical relationships with our partners to generate mutual success.”

By collaborating with leading firms through TPP, Rectangle Health enhances the accessibility of valuable tools for providers and organizations, opening new avenues of growth and revenue.

Rectangle Health representatives will be available at upcoming events to discuss partnership opportunities, and those interested can learn more about the program or contact us at https://www.rectanglehealth.com/platform/practice-management-bridge/integrations/.


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A leader in innovative healthcare technology for over 30 years, Rectangle Health is a trusted partner to 36,000 healthcare providers. The company’s comprehensive platform, Practice Management Bridge®, streamlines daily business operations including communications and engagement, payments and reimbursements, and office compliance. Single provider offices and enterprise healthcare organizations rely on Rectangle Health’s easy-to-use and scalable software to deliver a measurable increase in productivity and profitability, while improving patient experience.


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