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Payment plans for in-house financing

Payment plans keep the payment relationship between your practice and your patients. With automated payment plans in Practice Management Bridge®, it’s effortless to collect installment payments on schedule. Payment plan management is as simple as “set it and forget it.”

  • Control your practice’s payment plan program – you set the minimum threshold for payment plans and the terms and conditions for enrollment.
  • Automate weekly or monthly payment installments according to your preferred schedule.
  • Receive the full balance due over time.

In-house payment plans make it possible for more patients to choose care, and they also create consistent revenue for practices by breaking healthcare payments into fixed installments and automatically collecting against the total balance at regular intervals.

In today’s market of rising out-of-pocket costs and changing consumer interests, it’s vital for practices to offer flexible and practical payment options if they want to remain competitive.

Get started with payment plan options available through Practice Management Bridge to:

  • Strengthen patient loyalty and attract new patients.
  • Make it possible for more patients to elect care that they might not have otherwise been able to afford.
  • Improve cashflow by receiving consistent payments.

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