EMV compliance

EMV Compliance

We can help you become and stay EMV compliant.

Providing EMV compliant payment processing technology

EMV® stands for Europay, MasterCard® and Visa®, the three Card Associations responsible for banding together to combat credit card fraud on a global level. Together, these companies spearheaded the move from magnetic “swipe” payment cards to those embedded with a secure microchip.

This technology:

  •   Stores credit card data on a secure chip
  •   Assigns a unique value to each transaction for maximum protection from fraud
  •   Makes it virtually impossible to copy or steal credit card data
  •   Allows for the card to be accepted securely across the globe
  •   May require the use of a PIN to further reduce fraud due to lost or stolen cards

EMV implementation brings with it a huge shift in accountability and liability. As of October 2015, your practice or enterprise is liable for the cost of fraud on transactions using a chip card but not processed on an EMV-capable terminal. As long as you are compliant with EMV regulations, you won’t be liable for these transactions.

With an EMV-compliant point-of-sale terminal and Practice Management Bridge®, you benefit from:

Dual Verification

A chip card-enabled terminal validates the card, and the cardholder authenticates they are the card owner while the card is still in the POS terminal.

 Fraud Reduction

Security features built into the chip reduce lost, stolen, and counterfeit fraud. Unlike traditional magnetic stripe transactions, the EMV credit card terminals and chip-enabled cards work together to validate the card and cardholder.

Reduced Financial Liability

Your ability to support chip card transactions eliminates your financial liability if a fraudulent transaction occurs.

Healthcare practices that have not yet transitioned to EMV card acceptance should consider doing so immediately to protect themselves and their patients. Rectangle Health is ready to assist you in the transition process.

A significant portion of provider revenue —more than 9 percent of patients — was vulnerable to loss in 2020 due to poor customer experiences.1

1Of 2,000 patients surveyed in The Healthcare Payment Experience, January 2021, produced by PYMNTS.com and Rectangle Health.

Security is our priority.

Rectangle Health securely stores healthcare payment information, protecting both your practice and patients with today’s highest standards for compliance and PCI.