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Why Security and Compliance Matter in Healthcare

As an intercessor of the healthcare and financial industries, Rectangle Health takes security seriously.

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Why security and compliance matter in healthcare

The healthcare industry has an increasing amount of technology-enabled solutions. These technologies offer several benefits for everyday operations, from flexible methods to capture patient payments to features like online scheduling and patient experience surveys. These solutions can improve efficiency and communication within your medical office.

While digital solutions like healthcare payment processing have many benefits, they must be implemented with the proper safety features. Legal guidelines set requirements for protecting patient health data and securing payment information. Offices that use platforms abiding by security and compliance in medical services experience the following benefits:

  • Safety: A secure system will keep patient records, including financial information, safe and confidential.
  • Reputation: Healthcare offices that utilize secure and compliant software gain a positive reputation for patient safety.
  • Finances: By using compliant software, you avoid the financial risks of noncompliance.

Prioritizing patient security in healthcare payment processing

Rectangle Health is your expert in the payments arena. Our team knows the latest healthcare IT security compliance policies. We support you throughout the compliance process, accounting for every detail. At Rectangle Health, we manage every aspect of health and payment data security. Our solutions are digitally signed to ease installation and work alongside your existing protections like firewalls and antivirus software.

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Security matters in payment processing and healthcare data protection. Rectangle Health balances the requirements of both sectors with a fully compliant and secure platform for patient payment and healthcare compliance training for employees. Our solutions meet all applicable compliance guidelines, including EMV, HIPAA, and PCI. We maintain a strong reputation for your office while avoiding fees associated with noncompliance. Ready to learn more about how we can serve your medical office? Set up a call, schedule a demo, or request a quote.

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