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01. 12. 23

In this webinar, host Steven J. Anderson (Founder of Crown Council & Total Patient Service Institute), shares everything you need to know about coding and billing changes in 2023, to avoid costly mistakes.

Learning Objectives

• 38 insurance coding changes for 2023.

• Are you using the right claim form?

• 2 codes: Now Not valid.

• Revised: 14 codes that have changed.

• Brand new for 2023: 22 codes you’ve never used before!

• New HIPAA requirements: What they are and what you need to do.

• Data breach: What to do. How to prevent.

• Trends in reimbursement. How to stay ahead so you are not left behind.

• STOP! Insurance coding habits that could get you in a lot of trouble.

• Miscoded. The most overlooked codes and how to use them to get reimbursement for what you are really doing.

• Paid TODAY! Get your claims paid the first time.

• “Do you take my insurance?” What if you don’t? How to keep the patient anyway. And much, much more!

Increase your accuracy, claims paid, and total collections for your practice.

*This webinar was originally recorded for the intent and purpose of providing continuing education credits to those who register and complete it. Rectangle Health is no longer offering the opportunity to receive credits and by viewing this webinar, you are not completing a course. This video is now strictly for educational purposes.

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