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Strengthening Office Compliance at CrossRoads Counseling Center

Crossroads Case Study

Achieving Elevated Assurance

Crossroads Counseling Center was looking for a solution to ease their compliance workload. As a 21-provider behavioral health organization based in Hickory, North Carolina, they are busy seeing clients and accomplishing the tasks of running a thriving practice. Though they spent 8-10 hours a month focusing on compliance, they knew they were behind on some key activities. Concerned about the potential consequences of non-compliance such as fines, data breaches, and reputation loss, they sought a solution.

“We were scared that we weren’t doing things right,” said Alisa Buchanan, Practice Manager, Crossroads Counseling Center. “It was just way beyond my abilities or time to do many compliance tasks. There were still accounts payable, payroll, HR, and all the other things that had to be handled daily. I didn’t have a lot of time to investigate or get trained.”  

Crossroads Counseling needed a solution that offered both technological tools and strategic guidance to ensure adherence to HIPAA and OSHA regulations. They needed to hit their compliance goals and wanted to make it easy to maintain compliance, even when they added counselors to their roster.  

Buchanan received an email from Rectangle Health offering a complimentary HIPAA compliance training. Recognizing the vital importance of staff education in both HIPAA and OSHA regulations for the organization, she enrolled to learn more. After gaining valuable insights, Buchanan ultimately chose to forge a partnership with Rectangle Health.  

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Bridge™ Compliance

Leveraging Bridge Compliance, Crossroads Counseling successfully streamlined the management of both HIPAA and OSHA compliance. Within a year, they were able to raise their HIPAA compliance score – a measure of compliance adherence – from 40% to 100%. They efficiently addressed critical staff training needs, implemented essential IT standards, and fortified their organizational security. Their dedication yielded significant time savings, reducing their monthly compliance efforts from up to 10 hours to just one hour. With Bridge Compliance, they now effortlessly access a centralized location for all upcoming requirements, ensuring seamless compliance management.

Enhancing Staff Readiness

Crossroads Counseling was attracted to Bridge™ Compliance for the complimentary training. Yet, what truly set Bridge Compliance apart was not just this initial free training, but the array of on-demand training courses accessible through the platform for their staff. This contrasts with many other vendors who solely focus on HIPAA training, offering no additional compliance support.

Buchanan and the staff at Crossroads Counseling value the flexibility provided by Bridge Compliance. Now, staff can complete trainings at their convenience, fitting them in between appointments or during any empty appointment slots. As the practice manager, Buchanan can easily monitor completed trainings and identify areas that may require further education. With Bridge Compliance, upcoming trainings are tracked, and staff members are notified when a training is due. The result is 100% training completion among all Crossroads Counseling staff. 

Partnering for Progress

As a Rectangle Health client, Crossroads Counseling gains access to both Bridge Compliance and a team of dedicated customer support staff. Collaborating with their Customer Success Manager, Buchanan pinpointed crucial gaps in their HIPAA and OSHA policies and procedures. They then prioritized action to address and rectify those gaps.

“Our dedicated Customer Success Manager helped us prioritize and focus on what was most important. Then we started working down the list until we could get everything done,” said Buchanan. 

One of those crucial tasks was developing an updated inventory of their devices and a workforce log. They also wanted to promote password best practices among their staff and transition their business associate agreements to a digital format. Crossroads Counseling’s Customer Success Manager at Rectangle Health guided them through essential action steps, after which they utilized Bridge Compliance to maintain organization throughout the process.

Entering Their Compliance “Maintenance” Phase

With the implementation of Bridge Compliance, the staff at Crossroads Counseling Center no longer struggles to keep up with critical compliance tasks. Achieving a HIPAA risk assessment score of 100% reflects their commitment to compliance and security, highlighting the pivotal measures they’ve taken to reach this milestone.

With the support of Bridge Compliance and their Rectangle Health Customer Success Manager, Crossroads Counseling now easily identifies emerging compliance tasks. They prioritize the most vital activities, ensuring the security of their organization. Safeguarding their practice against the repercussions of data breaches has significantly increased their peace of mind. 

“If anything happens, here’s this company that will help you and support you instead of having to carry that all on my own. I don’t know if you can put a price tag on that,” reflected Buchanan.

As Crossroads Counseling Center grows, Buchanan and the rest of the staff can rely on Bridge Compliance for effective compliance management. Compliance is no longer a source of headaches, but rather a task they can efficiently handle to protect their organization. As a result, they have more time to dedicate to delivering the highest quality therapy services for their clients.

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