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02. 01. 23

Choosing the right software to speed up your revenue cycle is essential. But technology shouldn’t be a drastic, disruptive change in the office. A good fit will save your staff a lot of time and unnecessary stress while encouraging patient engagement and enhancing their satisfaction.

In this informative webinar, Rectangle Health’s Michelle Dowling and James Swan educate practices on 3 ways easy-to-implement technology can accelerate the revenue cycle almost immediately, covering the following topics:

1. Best practices for collecting payment before treatment and at the point of care

2. Automating billing processes and add convenient ways for patients to pay balances

3. New patient financing options that allow more patients access to care and help practices recover lost revenue opportunities

Prioritize turn-key features like payment collection at the point of care, automated billing processes, and offering patient financing plans by selecting technology that collaborates with your team. What seems overwhelming is actually achievable with software that focuses on patient retention. Learn more about Rectangle Health’s powerful software solution here >>.

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