Appointment Reminder Calls, 2-Way Text Reminders, and Email Reminders

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Appointment Reminder Calls, 2-Way Text Reminders, and Email Reminders

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Are you ready to reduce your no-show rate by 90%?

Automatically send reminders to your patients as you book appointments.

Our solution works seamlessly with:

  • Your existing scheduling software and spreadsheets
  • EHRs and EMRs
  • Custom integrations

HIPAA compliant and encrypted.

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2-Way Text Reminders

  • Schedule appointment reminder text messages to automatically remind customers of their appointments.
  • Receive confirmations when patients respond, via email or on your dashboard.
  • Enjoy live delivery status updates with real 2-ways SMS text messages.
  • Get a dedicated phone number in your area code – no need to use a generic call ID.

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2-Way Text Reminders
Appointment Reminder Calls

Appointment Reminder Calls

  • Set up your automated reminder calls to go out automatically from your scheduler and remind customers of their appointments.
  • Customize with an automated voice, your voice, English, Spanish or French, and male/female voices.
  • Listen to any call directly from your dashboard.
  • Keep track of anyone who unsubscribes with your built-in opt-out / do-not-call list.

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Email Reminders

  • Create a powerful strategy using a combination of reminder calls, text reminders, and email reminders in minutes with easy, mobile-friendly templates.
  • Avoid emailing any unsubscribes with a built-in, opt-out feature.
  • Track deliveries on your live dashboard.

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Email Reminders
Did you know: Regular text message solutions are limited to 160 characters?

Not to worry, we have you covered. Now you can choose long format text messages and send up to 1600 characters!

Set up is as easy 1-2-3!

Connect your Scheduling Software

*Works with Google, Outlook, EHRs & CRMs, and many more!

Create Your Message

Customize your calls, text messages, and emails, or use existing scripts.

Schedule Your Appointments

Just schedule your appointments in your calendar app or spreadsheet and let our solution remind your customers for you!

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