Office Manager Pain Points: 5 Ways to Optimize Your Technology to See Results

Office Manager Pain Points: 5 Ways to Optimize Your Technology to See Results

Balancing multiple priorities at the front desk while keeping patient connections active fills your plate quickly. From large amounts of data entry to time-consuming follow-up phone calls, we know you’re busy, and we can help you simplify your tasks with automation. We want to help you maintain meaningful patient connections that don’t become compromised by payment conversations. This type of support can be found in embracing technology that unlocks more time and facilitates meaningful patient interactions.

Did you know that technology utilization can also reduce administrative expenses? An article by Stanford University estimates that the United States “wastes more than $265 billion annually due to this administrative complexity, and that the rate of increase in administrative costs has outpaced that of overall health care expenditures.” By automating tasks like billing and patient payment capture, your practice can see an increase in administrative efficiency that can increase cash flow.

Some parts of your practice are likely fueled by automated processes. Interestingly, automation is being considered by many organizations. An article By Mobi Health News reports that “nearly eight in 10 (78%) health systems [are] currently using or in the process of deploying automation in their revenue cycle operations.” Because automation can touch many parts of the practice, there are different types of benefits.

5 Ways to Optimize Your Technology to See Better Outcomes

1. Automatic payment posting frees up time in your day

Patient care and self-care are essential facets of your day. In order to maintain your focus, you can look to technology to create space for needed breaks that refresh you during the day. Gone are the days of staying late because you’re behind on batching out for the day. Technology can do this for you with an ease and speed of which you may not be aware.

When your payment and engagement software has universal compatibility with all practice management systems, you can automatically post payments to the ledger without manually and repeatedly entering data. With this benefit, you can get back hours you might waste on data entry, leaving you more time to care for your patients and yourself.

2. Offering patient financing, storing a card on file, and capturing online payments reduce uncomfortable follow-up calls

Practices can create a friction-free payment experience by giving patients multiple ways to pay in person and online, as well as the flexibility of financing options. When a patient experiences a convenient, positive payment journey, they are more likely to tell you about what’s going on in their life. Whether it’s their child’s birthday or an anniversary, technology creates the space for you to focus on learning about these special moments without interruption.

Giving patients the choice to place a card on file at the first visit also reduces confusion and staff outreach efforts, reducing uncomfortable payment conversations that drain everybody involved and strain relationships. Focus on the conversations that matter with technology.

3. Software that meets compliance requirements keeps patient data secure

With cybersecurity threats at an all-time high, preserving the security of patient information is even more important than before. Data breaches have plagued healthcare more than any other industry, but technology that meets compliance requirements adds substantial layers of protection around sensitive patient information. Technology enables you to keep patient information secure by tokenizing it, which makes this information completely unrecognizable to thieves, and by encoding it from point of submission to the point of processing.  Your practice can also offer card-on-file technology with no risk or liability to the organization.

Technology can also verify identities by comparing billing addresses with those listed with patients’ financial institutions and monitoring for fraud around the clock for greater protection. Taking advantage of these benefits can shore up your practice from the disruption, expense, and potential reputational damage that often result from data breaches.

4. Contactless capabilities create safer spaces and expedite checkouts

Following the latest safety precautions takes time and effort. With contactless payment options like digital wallets, QR codes, and touch-to-pay cards, the chosen payment method never leaves the patient’s hands. These options offer optimal flexibility and greater security as well as increased physical safety for staff and patients. Contactless capabilities alleviate concerns about safety that can affect interactions.

These payment options also save time because they don’t require PINs, card swipes, or signatures, making checkout a breeze. You can also help patients more quickly because of streamlined checkout processes.

5. Automation enables more meaningful patient interactions

We know manual data entry and repetitive, payment-related follow-up calls can be exhausting, especially when you’d rather talk to your patients about what’s going on in their lives and how you can best link them to care. Technology all but replaces these labor-intensive tasks, placing your focus back on your patients. Now, maintaining meaningful patient connections is easier.

With the right technology in place, you can find freedom from administrative tasks that can interfere with patient engagement. You’ll also spend less money on wasteful processes like sending multiple billing statements to patients to capture payments for balances due. Automation allows you to place your trust in capable software to do tedious work for you. See more patients smile when you ask about what’s happening in their lives. Embracing technology will help you make the most of these moments.

Find Balance in Your Day with Practice Management Bridge®

You can find all the capabilities mentioned above, automatic payment posting, contactless capabilities, patient financing, online payments, and Card on File, in Rectangle Health’s flagship solution, Practice Management Bridge®. This platform interfaces with all practice management systems for your convenience. It also offers features, including Text-to-Pay, customizable messages, and digital registration forms, that make patient payment and engagement processes easy, secure, and effective. Let us guide you through all the improvements you can make with our automated solution.


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