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Help your practice optimize patient payment processing.

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Offering tools for medical practices to efficiently collect payments

Balancing the daily business of medicine with the demands of patient care is challenging for solo practitioners and large primary care practices. The continuous rise of patient responsibility for reimbursement adds complications to an already strained revenue cycle.

We strive to equip you with the solutions your practice needs to move forward and effectively manage outstanding accounts receivable balances. When you work with us, you can experience the benefits of dramatically decreasing outstanding balances with superior tracking and reporting technology.

  • Enhanced efficiency
    With seamless technology that works with your payment processing systems, you can optimize processing time and reduce wasted resources.
  • Optimized user experience
    Our systems make payments easier for your office and patients, establishing stronger patient-practice relationships in the process.
  • Increased security
    When you work with our technology solutions, you can have confidence in highly secure transactions that protect sensitive financial data for all parties.

Help your practice optimize payment processing and get trusted medical billing solutions to boost efficiency, reduce balances, and provide a seamless payment experience for patients. We offer an optimized medical payment processing platform compatible with your systems to streamline management for each financial transaction. Discover how we can put our healthcare industry expertise to work for you with unique customizations.

“Rectangle Health knows healthcare.”

Therapy Specialists of Oklahoma chose Rectangle Health because of their vast experience working with providers across the healthcare industry. Since partnering with Rectangle Health, Therapy Specialists has seen improvements in patient experience, front office efficiency, and cash flow. Sam Zantout, co-owner of Therapy Specialists, recommends Rectangle Health to his colleagues and considers the ease and benefits of Rectangle Health to be priceless.

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Solution highlights


Text to Pay

Allows patients to make online payments through text message links.

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Online Payments

Accept payments on practice websites and with links on emails or statements.

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Digital Patient Registration

Lets patients fill out forms electronically before visits through a text or email link.

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Customizable Messages

Send patients reminders, outreach, billing notifications, and more via text message.

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With decades of expertise in the healthcare payments space, we understand the challenges practices face and provide sophisticated solutions to help them collect payments and grow.
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