See how we help practices manage payments more efficiently and securely.

We’ve digitized the entire patient journey into one simple, interoperable solution.
We help healthcare offices collect up to 50% more in A/R payments in ways that create a smooth customer experience for patients
With decades of expertise in the healthcare payments space, we understand the challenges practices face and provide sophisticated solutions to help them collect payments and grow.


As a healthcare provider, you strive to deliver top-quality care and raise patient satisfaction. Processing healthcare payments and managing the office, however, can slow down your administrative staff.

At Rectangle Health, we provide billing technology solutions for the full patient life cycle in medical, dental and specialty care fields. See how we help practices manage payments more efficiently and securely with our provider-focused healthcare payment processing suite.

Payment Processing Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Whether you run an independent dental practice or a DSO, are part of a healthcare network or are a specialty provider, you face downstream obstacles in organization and payments. Rectangle Health aligns with your objectives with an innovative platform designed to accept modernized payment options and automate office management. Your administrators, insurance and billing partners can also enhance efficiency from our processing connections.

With our patented Practice Management Bridge, you can offer your community more flexibility and convenience in becoming your patients and paying your office. Our platform grants multiple forms of contactless payments, such as in-office at point-of-care, or remotely through your patient’s mobile or desktop devices. Digital patient registration can lower wait times in your lobby, while Card on File capabilities will open ways to store preferred payment methods for faster authorization.

You also need a secure platform to protect patient billing and health information. Practice Management Bridge is HIPAA-compliant and adheres to the highest PCI standards. We are one of few payment processing companies to use point-to-point encryption and store sensitive information off your premises for greater peace of mind.

Why Select Rectangle Health?

For more than 25 years, we’ve crafted technologies for healthcare providers that reduce accounts receivable, increase financial stability and benefit the patient experience. We work with over 60,000 providers throughout the U.S., processing more than $6 billion annually.

Our experience and dedicated support teams can help you at every step in implementing new payment technologies through our fast, remote installation. Our platform builds on your existing health systems, launching your streamlined payment process to your patients and staff sooner.

Learn more about how we can help your individual practice or care organization realize simpler, more efficient billing with Practice Management Bridge. You can also contact us for more information.

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Rectangle Health securely stores healthcare payment information, protecting both your practice and patients with today’s highest standards for compliance and PCI.