Enhancing Cybersecurity at Healthcare Practices, Part 2

Enhancing Cybersecurity at Healthcare Practices, Part 2

In the first part of our Cybersecurity e-book series, we looked at why the healthcare sector is such a major target for cybercrime and reviewed the top cyberthreats to providers. In this section, we’ll explore how healthcare practices are securing themselves in today’s environment. That includes:

  • Complying with HIPAA rules and PCI standards.
  • Securing systems and data.
  • Adopting a new mindset and skills to adapt to the current threat environment.

While some small practices might be under the impression that threat actors are only focused on large healthcare systems, today’s cybercriminals are targeting any providers that leave themselves vulnerable to attacks. In this e-book, we explore what providers can do right now to ensure the safety of their patients’ data and their practices’ money.

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