5 Things We Need to Do to Improve the US Healthcare System

In a recent interview with Authority Magazine’s Luke Kervin, Rectangle Health’s Chief Product and Strategy Officer Michael Peluso, shared his perspective on the current healthcare landscape and how digital payment solutions create organizational efficiencies and enhance the patient’s journey. Taking into account the complexity of the healthcare industry, especially during COVID-19, he explores the role healthcare technology plays in improving communication between practices and patients and encouraging patients to pay for services rendered in flexible ways. In the article, Peluso identifies five changes the US healthcare system should make:

  1. Digitizing payments to meet patient and practice expectations.
  2. Consolidating vendor systems into one platform for ease and efficiency.
  3. Communicating with patients on mobile devices to build awareness.
  4. Promoting digital check-in and registration to create a frictionless patient experience.
  5. Offering patients flexible payment options that cater to patient payment preferences.

In addition, Michael Peluso discussed how healthcare practices can address the patient payment expectation, defined by patients not knowing when, where, or how to pay for care, by implementing Rectangle Health’s solutions to secure payment early in the patient’s journey. He also shares his expertise on how individuals, corporations, communities, and leaders can help put his recommendations for healthcare industry improvements into practice.

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