Keep Calm and Collect Contactless Payments

Keep Calm and Collect Contactless Payments

Patients are coming back into the office and safety procedures have become routine; however, some practices are hesitant to collect payments from patients in new ways. The effort in maintaining patient and staff safety is priority and there are ways to limit contact, ensure safety measures, and collect payments efficiently. Patients are willing to embrace new methods to work with the practice and fulfill their outstanding balances. As practices re-engage operations and begin interacting with their patients again, the following can minimize contact and maximize getting paid for services rendered:

Capture a Patient’s Card on File

By far, the most efficient contactless way to collect a patient’s payment information, for use at both time of service and for future balances, is through card on file. Avoid handing a card or deferring payment by asking your patient to safely store their preferred way to pay.

Online Payments

Eliminate contact by offering online payments through your practice’s website. Enabling your patients to pay online using their mobile or internet-based device also will expedite receiving payment on outstanding balances. Online payment capabilities allow your office to accept payments outside of normal business hours and during the time it is convenient for your patient.

Patients are also open to utilizing the methods above to pay for healthcare in the same way they pay for their everyday purchases. Understandably, practices are in recovery mode with heightened sensitivity and attention on safety and prevention. Finding the balance to implement procedures that keep focus on patients and staff well-being can include the assurance of getting paid for services. Leveraging technology to implement the above capabilities will allow for a true contactless experience that supports enhanced safety precautions.

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