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Card on File (CoF)

Store a card on file to get paid more easily and reliably.

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Storing patient information securely and conveniently

Card on File (CoF) in Practice Management Bridge® is a secure, convenient way for patients to pay, and an effective way for providers to ensure payment. When patients place their preferred payment method on file in the secure vault, it means one less step during future checkouts and a step towards a streamlined office experience.

Placing a card on file leads to other consumer-friendly payment options that make it easier for patients to make payments, such as:

Practice Management Bridge makes it easy for office staff to place a card on file either at the time of a visit or by taking information over the phone, and your patients can even place their own payment information on file ahead of visits when they fill out digital registration forms.

Card Account Updater

Automatically update stored payment information on a monthly basis.

One-time charges

When you store a patient’s card on file, you can simply look the patient up in the Practice Management Bridge system at the time of checkout and charge their card. No need to dig around for cards or pass payment back and forth.

Subscription payments

With Card on File, you can set up automatically recurring payments to charge a patient’s card on a certain day with an agreed upon amount.

Flexible payment plans (Care Now, Pay Later)

With a card stored on file, you can set up simple, custom payment plans to make large out-of-pocket expenses manageable for patients. For many patients, having an option for interest-free payment plans can make the difference between choosing to pursue care or not. Flexible payment plans are a practical way for practices to receive more incoming payments and for patients to be able to afford the care that they need.

Card on File Agreements

Card on File Agreements are one way that Rectangle Health ensures organizations are protected from chargebacks or legal disputes. Our legally approved Card on File Agreements are a quick and thorough way to protect your organization by ensuring that a patient authorizes their credit card to be charged. Card on File Agreements are kept on file with a patient’s record, and they can be emailed or printed for patients’ own records.

Card Account Updater

Our Card Account Updater tool makes Card on File easier than ever. Each month, Card Account Updater checks stored card information with the respective card companies. If the card information has changed, the payment information is automatically updated in the Vault. Card Account Updater gives practices payment peace of mind and saves staff time from keeping up with payment information.

Secure payment technology

Patient payment data is never kept on your premises or stored on your servers or computers. Instead, Practice Management Bridge stores all customer data in a secure, encrypted, electronic vault.  The Vault gives practices the security of PCI, DSS, and HIPAA compliance, and your business is protected from the cost of fraud.

Fraud monitoring

Trained risk management experts monitor transactions on a regular basis, so that safety and security is upheld and any instance of fraud is detected.

43% of patients would automate payments to avoid repetitive manual data entry in the office and online.1

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1Of 2,000 patients surveyed in The Healthcare Payment Experience, January 2021, produced by and Rectangle Health

Security is our priority.

Rectangle Health securely stores healthcare payment information, protecting both your practice and patients with today’s highest standards for compliance and PCI.