How Healthcare Consumerism Is Driving Integration

Automation and Its Crucial Role in Healthcare

Healthcare has noticed strong consumer strategies that have been effective for the retail, banking, and travel industries over the years. Now, seeing the need to appeal to consumers with convenience and simplicity, medical providers try to emulate these strategies to allow more people to access healthcare.

How Healthcare Consumerism Is Driving Integration

With healthcare expenses and lack of access becoming more challenging, many consumers only seek what they need. In most cases, patients find digital solutions important when they are seeking healthcare. Digital capabilities can be a factor in their decision, tipping the scale either way.

Telehealth is a prominent example of how consumer expectations have changed healthcare within the last two years. While telehealth peaked in 2020 during the pandemic, this service is still 52% higher than pre-pandemic levels. Seeing this success, many practices have begun to make telehealth long-term to accommodate consumers while maintaining in-person availability for those who wish to be physically present.

Now, instead of using technology as a temporary solution, medical professionals can utilize it to pave the way for the future of healthcare.

telehealth is on the rise

How Healthcare Providers Can Meet Consumer Expectations

Patient retention rates are significant, especially in healthcare settings. To ensure you are continually engaging patients and meeting their expectations, consider implementing some of the following tech and tool strategies:

  • Electronic records and platforms: Provide a way for patients to access their medical records online using patient portals and other accounts.
  • Digital data storage, exchange, and security: Show your patients their information is safe online using protected software solutions.
  • Remote patient monitoring: Create a platform for increased access to healthcare outside conventional clinical settings, such as an app or patient portal.
  • Connected devices: Utilize one patient software platform that can connect across workstations and handheld devices so all patient information can be accessed at all times.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) technology: Use automated patient processes like payment or appointment reminders to let staff focus on providing better care and enhancing the patient experience.

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