Practice Management Bridge: A Platform for Better Practice Management

Unified Platform

Running a healthcare business is increasingly complex. Healthcare costs are rising, practices are still facing staff shortages, and ineffective collection processes are hurting cash flow. Many practices are implementing cost cutting measures, relying on external funding, or seeking new revenue sources to fuel operations. To top things off, the constant introduction of new technologies promising to address business challenges makes it feel impossible to maintain a powerful tech stack and a healthy balance sheet.

As the leader in simplifying the business side of healthcare, Rectangle Health provides greater value for our customers so they can tackle administrative challenges, stay focused on the clinical side of their practice, and meet their patients’ expectations for modern, personalized experiences.

A Single Platform with Proven Success

Software is no longer a nice to have – it’s crucial in helping practices better communicate with patients; accelerating their revenue cycle; and keeping data, staff, and patients safe. But managing too much tech and toggling between disparate systems can be overwhelming.

On January 30, 2024, we proudly merged our three leading products into one, best-in-class platform for driving efficiency and healthcare business growth. This marks a noteworthy milestone, as we seamlessly integrate patient engagement, payments, and office compliance into Practice Management Bridge. One experience. One vendor. Less complexity and more impact.

Meet the products in Practice Management Bridge:

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Bridge Engagement (formerly RavePoint): Effortlessly maintain a full schedule, automate reminders, and ensure patient satisfaction with capabilities like digital forms, two-way texting, appointment reminders, and patient reviews.



online payment solution



Bridge Payments: Grow revenue, reduce accounts receivable, and make it easy for patients to pay the way they prefer with capabilities like online bill pay, payment plans, patient financing and Text-to-Pay.




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Bridge Compliance (formerly OfficeSafe): Protect your practice with stress-free, digitally managed HIPAA and OSHA compliance, as well as cyber liability insurance.



Save Time with an Easier User Experience and Clear Design

Current customers will notice a design upgrade, including a common left-panel navigation and simplified graphics to find what they’re looking for faster. There’s also the option to toggle between Bridge Engagement, Bridge Payments and Bridge Compliance directly from the platform with the click of a button.

Gain Immediate and Impactful Results

At the end of the day, we know that clear ROI and results are what healthcare practices need to ensure they remain profitable.

Practice Management Bridge now stands out as the sole platform to manage payments, patient engagement and office compliance in one, centralized platform at scale. And we’re proud to seamlessly connect to other technology providers, boasting PMS-agnostic functionality and time-saving direct integrations.

Results you can expect across the platform:

  • 5+ hours saved weekly collecting and posting payments
  • 25% reduction in payment reconciliation
  • 15% reduction in no-show rate
  • 2-12 vendors consolidated into one platform
  • 81k HIPAA assessments completed to mitigate compliance risks
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