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Not finding exactly what you’re looking for in a healthcare technology solution? Perhaps your business defies labels or you have particular needs that you’d like to address. With nearly 30 years of experience serving hundreds of thousands of users in the healthcare industry, Rectangle Health is uniquely qualified to solve organizational challenges. No matter if you represent a single practice or a large network, we can create a custom application from scratch or bundle multiple tools into a practical program that works for you and your constituents. In fact, much of the functionality found in our current feature set was inspired by interactions with prospects and clients, whether we were meeting current needs or anticipating what’s next.

When it comes to digital payment tools, data flow, and system connection capabilities, Rectangle Health either already offers what you’re looking for or can build it for you. Our consultative approach allows us to explore and design collaborations that solve your unique challenges or construct. Together, let’s shape what’s possible!

With decades of expertise in the healthcare payments space, we understand the challenges practices face and provide sophisticated solutions to help them collect payments and grow.

Healthcare technology bridges the gap between provider and patient payment expectations.

Developing functionality upon request and anticipating the emerging needs of an evolving marketplace for many years, Rectangle Health is the business of getting providers paid – plain and simple. Based on decades of healthcare industry expertise, we’ve learned that the best way to keep a healthy flow of revenue coming into practices is to make it easier for patients to pay. By offering patients multiple payment options before, during, and after the point of care, we find that they are more prone to pay in a timely manner. Using digital tools to clearly communicate with patients about appointments and how to pay allows office staff to be more productive and providers to focus on what they do best, which is delivering high-quality care. How do we know this to be true? By working with physicians, dentists, and specialists, as well as office managers, IT professionals, business strategists, financial analysts, healthcare consultants, and other industry professionals like you.

Placing the patient at the center of care enhances the overall experience, leads to a higher level of satisfaction, and increases their trust and loyalty to your practice. Healthcare technology makes this possible by facilitating digital tools to reach the patient with text messages, offer digital registration, secure payment information, and provide online and mobile payments, contactless methods, and other innovative ways to connect the patient to the provider.

By consulting with our clients over time, we’ve created a healthcare payment program powered by our flagship platform – Practice Management Bridge®. Many of the features available in Practice Management Bridge today were born out of our consultations with healthcare practices and organizations of various sizes and from different specialties.

  • Text to Pay
    Allow patients to make online payments through text message links.
  • Contactless Capabilities
    Accept Apple Pay®, Google PayTM, Samsung Pay®, and other touch-free payments.
  • Automatic Posting
    Easily post payments to the patient ledger in your practice management system.
  • Digital Patient Registration
    Let patients fill out forms electronically before visits through text or email links.
  • Card on File
    Safely store preferred payment information for future charges.
  • Flexible Payment Plans
    Make financing manageable by offering smaller payments over time.
  • Online Payments
    Accept payments on practice websites and with links on emails or statements.
  • Customizable Messages
    Send patients reminders, outreach, billing notifications, and more in text messages.

While Practice Management Bridge is a true turnkey solution for healthcare providers and organizations of all sizes and scopes. Individual offices or multi-location networks can use any or all of its many features based on immediate need and comfort level. The system can scale up or down to suit your current situation, providing the flexibility to implement new technology and adopt additional features as you see fit. Rectangle Health’s Practice Management Bridge optimizes the patient communication and payment process, assisting with:

  • Registering the patient digitally
  • Securing card on file for timely payment
  • Collecting patient payments at point of care
  • Offering multiple payment methods after care
  • Monitoring the overall medical billing process
  • Texting the patient about appointments and payments

Interfacing with an existing practice management software, Rectangle Health’s healthcare payment platform expands to meet your evolving needs. With our in-house technology team making continual improvements and releasing routine updates, Practice Management Bridge is the centerpiece of our ability to offer you customized solutions.

Our tailored solutions meet the needs of all providers.

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“One of the great things about Rectangle Health is that I get a consultant.”

Dr. Nocerino, owner and dentist at Michael Nocerino & Associates, switched to Rectangle Health because of their experience working with healthcare providers. He encourages you to connect with a Practice Management Consultant to discuss all the features and functionality available from Rectangle Health.

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While Rectangle Health specializes in healthcare, we can handle other payment challenges, too. Our technology platform is flexible enough to accommodate ultra-specific requests within the industry, as well as other specialized markets. Trust our skilled team of technology experts and product development specialists, applying our digital tools to a specific niche offering or developing a new feature set for a non-traditional application. If your business isn’t easily defined or your payments challenge seems too particular, still give Rectangle Health a chance to consult with you. Our trained consultants can uncover your unique goals and recommend a custom solution to fit your special requirements. Let’s talk about how Rectangle Health can make your other request a reality.

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