Rectangle Health Builds Success Through Partnerships

Rectangle Health Builds Success Through Partnerships

A core pillar at Rectangle Health is to deliver a transformative and digital experience for healthcare providers. One of the ways we do this is through building mutually beneficial partnerships with a variety of diverse organizations. By working with us, our partners realize new revenue opportunities with their existing healthcare clients, acquire new customers in the healthcare sector and provide more value to their healthcare-focused membership base. From financial institutions and billing companies to healthcare technology companies, and healthcare-focused associations, Rectangle Health has a partnership opportunity to suit all.

The Partnership Process

Rectangle Health has three types of partnerships. Our referral partners promote Rectangle Health’s payments, engagement, or compliance solutions to their members or clients and refer opportunities to us. Our distribution partners actively market Practice Management Bridge® payments as part of their solution set and maintain the relationships on their books. Rectangle Health also partners with practice management system providers, enabling Practice Management Bridge® to seamlessly interface with their products. These integrations allow providers to easily access patient data, minimize errors, and reduce the manual burden placed on staff.

First and foremost, becoming a partner with Rectangle Health is a simple process. Often onboarding can take up to six months to complete, but Rectangle Health’s solution can be set up in just two days. The promptness of this process allows partners to start earning almost immediately.

Chris Poche, Vice President of Partner Solutions, described the expedient process. “Our record today, as it stands, from contract signature to first new practice on board with our healthcare solution, is 48 hours,” he said.

Achieving Success Together

A misconception that potential partners may have is that they need previous healthcare knowledge to partner with Rectangle Health. Rectangle Health has expansive knowledge and expertise in healthcare, which we readily share with new partners, so no prior experience in the field is necessary. The company aims to help its partners win in the healthcare sector with ease of onboarding while providing unwavering support.

Each partner varies in size, expertise, and needs. Rectangle Health provides an individualized experience, dedicated support, and materials to ensure success. This allows each partner equal opportunity to expand their business, grow in relevancy, and provide their sales representatives with more experience. Rectangle Health’s success aligns with the success of our partners. Creating a personalized experience for them is crucial for the growth and prosperity of each company.

Rectangle Health encourages its partners to provide feedback on the overall experience, particularly after a year. This enables the company to gauge how successful the program has been and identify any areas that might need improvement. “Sharing that experience of how seamless the transition was, the increased cash flow, streamlining, the operations at the healthcare provider location—all of that filters right back up to us through the partnership, and we love hearing that feedback,” said Allison Thut, the Director of Partner Development.

Start Winning with a Patient and Health Engagement Platform

From onboarding new partners in 48 hours to supporting them in any aspect, Rectangle Health prioritizes our relationships. We aim to make partnerships quick and easy while leading to major wins in healthcare. Our success is tied to your success. Reach out to Rectangle Health about a partnership today and let’s start winning together!


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