What’s New in Dental Billing and Coding for 2024


As we move forward into a new era of dentistry, it’s essential to stay updated on the latest trends and shifts in dental billing and coding. In this webinar, we will delve into the most significant changes and advancements happening in 2024. We’ll explore what these updates mean for your practice, how to adapt your billing and coding procedures accordingly, and how to leverage these changes to enhance your financial management and patient care.

Discussion topics:

  • Discover new coding changes and the implications for your dental practice
  • Master the skills required to stay ahead in reimbursement best practices
  • Learn commonly overlooked codes and how to apply them in the insurance claims process
  • Understand how these updates can enhance operational efficiency and overall patient satisfaction


steven j anderson dental billing and coding updates

Steven J. Anderson
Founder, Total Patient Service Institute
Co-founder, Crown Council
Co-founder, Smiles for Life Foundation

As entrepreneur, presenter, author and philanthropist, Steven J. Anderson has developed systems for success for professionals, executives and youth alike. As the founder of over a dozen businesses, Steven has propelled organizations and individuals to the highest levels of performance and productivity. He has been named the “Businessman of the Year” and is an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist. Find Steven on LinkedIn here.


This webinar was originally recorded for the intent and purpose of providing continuing education credits to those who register and complete it. Rectangle Health is no longer offering the opportunity to receive credits and by viewing this webinar, you are not completing a course. This video is now strictly for educational purposes.

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