Rectangle Health Celebrates Women’s Equality Day

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On this special episode of The Rectangle Health Podcast hosted by Michelle Dowling and Cat Urbanski, we celebrate Women’s Equality Day! Listen in as members of our team share their professional journeys and personal experiences as women in the workforce.


Michelle Dowling 00:00

Hello and welcome to a special edition of the Rectangle Health Podcast. I’m Michelle Dowling, Executive Vice President of Marketing, and today we celebrate Women’s Equality Day, a day to commemorate the achievement of voting rights for everyone, regardless of gender. In today’s podcast, I am honored to share some of the stories and perspectives of my colleagues. And we are joined by Kat Urbanski as she interviews Rectangle Health’s Trailblazing women who are making important impacts on the healthcare industry every day. Kat, thank you for coming on the show. I’m excited for this episode and look forward to hearing from our amazing panel of guests.

Womens Equality in the Workforce

Cat Urbanski 00:37  

Thanks for that introduction, Michelle. I’m excited to be here and speak with these women about women’s equality and how it affects them within the workforce.

Today we have with us Sandra Silva, vice President of Finance, Sandie Ryan, vice President of Business Operations, Melissa Martinez, director of Customer Care. Nyree Reed, Director of Enterprise Compliance Solutions. Teresa Militello, Director of Merchant Onboarding. Susan Gregory, Senior Director of Channel Marketing. Ranju Ravi Kumar, chief Financial Officer, alexa Scalandunas, Vice President of Product Development and Taisha Farndelli, Director of Enterprise Product Delivery. Thank you all for being here. Let’s just jump right in. We’re kicking it off with Sandra. Sandra, what is one thing you wish you had known about being a woman in the workforce earlier in your career?

Sandra Silva 01:31

The one thing I wish I knew early in my career is that I should have not felt guilty about pursuing my career while raising my family. Force yourself to maintain a balance and each will flourish.

Cat Urbanski 01:45

Taisha, what do you wish you had known about being a woman in the workforce?

Taisha Farndelli 01:49

Earlier in my career, I wish I would have known that women have a stronger representation in the entry level and management roles within the workforce. Women are underrepresented at the executive level, even when they have the talent, executive presence and tenacity as their counterparts that have C-suite positions. The great news is that companies are making more of a concerted effort to bridge the gap and to diversify leadership in the workforce.

Cat Urbanski 02:20

Ranju, how about you? Is there anything you wish you had known earlier in your career about being a woman in the workforce?

Ranju Ravikumar 02:27

Covert discrimination is a fact. Denying its existence does not take away its power, instead makes you unprepared and helpless.

Of course, don’t dwell or obsess over it, but definitely empower yourself to break down the brick walls with your two bare hands. Also, have multiple mentors, both men and women, through various stages of your life and career. There’s definitely a certain level of comfort in knowing you’re not alone. For me personally, in addition to my own commitment and my family’s support, my mentors, Ben Adams, Mark Pottle, Lillian Chin and Elisa Albers had a huge role to play in helping me eventually break through the glass ceiling.

Cat Urbanski 03:18

Thank you for sharing your answers. Sandy, we’re going to move on to you. What has Rectangle Health done to empower you to be the most successful in your physician? What can Rectangle Health do to learn and grow to enable women even further?

How Rectangle Health Empowers Female Workers

Sandie Ryan 03:32

Rectangle Health allows me to own my business, to explore avenues that I think are imperative to the overall operation and customer experience while providing me with the tools, leadership, and team to support both big and small initiatives that help grow and retain the business.

Cat Urbanski 03:48

Thank you so much for that answer, and I really enjoyed your point about providing tools for leadership. Melissa, same question as Sandy what is Rectangle Health doing to empower you to be the most successful in your position?

Melissa Martinez 04:02

So Rectangle Health has allowed me to have a voice and a voice that has been able to make positive changes and foster a positive work culture. And that is something that is so important to me, because if you’re not being listened to or not being able to voice your opinions or concerns, it’s like you don’t exist.

So Rectangle Health has really given me a voice to help my team progress in a way that they are very happy in their workforce.

Cat Urbanski 04:40

Okay, so what can Rectangle Health do to learn and grow to enable women even further, in your opinion?

Melissa Martinez 04:45

Rectangle health can continue being Rectangle Health they can continue having an open mind and keep being supportive and support professional development and continue championing success. I mean, Rectangle Health is a great company, and I feel that I have the honor to work here. And I’m glad that Rectangle Health has accepted me with open arms, and I look forward to the future with Rectangle Health.

Cat Urbanski 05:17

It’s really lovely that you feel like Rectangle Health has accepted you with open arms. Nyree do you want to jump in with how Rectangle Health is empowering you in your position?

Nyree Reed 05:27

I believe that this is a great step highlighting women’s voices that are already in position here. It helps to put the spotlight on what we’re accomplishing and what we’re setting out to achieve. As far as diversity and inclusion is concerned, I think that’s very important. Allowing me an opportunity to be a part of it is something that I don’t take lightly. I’m very grateful for the opportunity and just highlighting these moments. I believe that it will help to catapult me in my career. So I’m appreciative. And again, it’s just very exciting to be a part of.

Cat Urbanski 06:13

Thank you for allowing us to discuss diversity and inclusion with you today. Teresa, what made you want to work for Rectangle Health?

Why Rectangle Health?

Teresa Militello 06:20

As the director of Merchant onboarding, I came to Rectangle Health as I was a stay at home mom, and I was ready to get back there, get out into the workforce. I was a little nervous about it, but after my first interview, I knew I was hooked on this company. I knew they would support me, and I knew I could do I would do anything I could to help them grow.

Cat Urbanski 06:41

Susan, what made you want to work in the healthcare technology field, and why Rectangle Health?

Susan Gregory 06:46

I worked for large financial institutions for the better part of my career, and even with all the capital and talent at their disposal.

I found it fascinating that banks often sought out technology companies to add innovation to their solution, set and drive value for their customers they sometimes acquired, but more often form partnerships with tech companies with specific expertise versus developing something themselves. I managed marketing launches and programs for a lot of those partnerships and recognize just how important tech companies like Rectangle Health are. I’m so happy to have made the transition into healthcare technology, especially now, as healthcare providers seek new ways to automate their business and better serve their patients.

Advice for Women in the Workforce

Cat Urbanski 07:27

Alexa, what advice would you give young women who are just starting in the workforce?

Alexa Skalandunas 07:32

My advice to young women who are just starting in the workforce is to be curious about everything at your current company. Look for opportunities to get to know others in different departments.

Seek out opportunities to work on cross functional projects to gain exposure and showcase your talents. Be dependable, a team player. Build your network both inside and outside your company. And find a mentor, someone that has your back and can help you navigate your career.

Cat Urbanski 07:59

And that’s what we’re doing here today, shining a light on the unequal treatment of women and making sure that we’re doing something to change it. It was a pleasure speaking with all of you women, and thank you for allowing me to have this discussion with you all.

Michelle Dowling 08:12

Thank you, Cat, for taking the time to host the podcast today. And thank you for our guests who came out on the show to share their incredible journeys.

We celebrate our unique backgrounds as we cross paths with one another to learn, to empathize, to build up and encourage and even challenge and face obstacles together. Most importantly, we’re here to break down barriers, both institutional and internal barriers, with the intent of coming together. Because together, there is so much we can do. And as a reminder to all of our listeners, you can find the Rectangle Health Celebrates, Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, or on our website at Rectangle Health celebrates. Till the next time, everybody. Thank you.

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