Rectangle Health’s Major Milestones of 2023

2023 was a landmark year for Rectangle Health

Overall, 2023 has been a landmark year for Rectangle Health. We’ve appointed new leadership, celebrated our 30th anniversary, formed partnerships with new organizations, and grown and synthesized our product portfolio. These changes will fuel Rectangle Health’s upward trajectory into 2024 and beyond.

Let’s take a look back at some key moments in 2023. View Rectangle Health’s 2023 Timeline.

Sid Singh Appointed New CEO

Perhaps the biggest change at Rectangle Health happened early in the year, when Sid Singh succeeded Dominick Colabella as CEO. Colabella served in the role since 2016 and remains passionate about the success of Rectangle Health. He has a seat on our board of directors and is a major investor in the company.

Singh is a well-known leader with over two decades of experience in the SaaS, technology, data and analytics space. He most recently served as president of the U.S. Information Solutions at Equifax, where he led a full commercial transformation of the company. Since joining Rectangle Health, Singh has been focused on growing the company.

“I am incredibly excited to assume this role and about what the future holds for Rectangle Health. We have a remarkably talented team dedicated to helping providers improve their practices with our software and payment solutions, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional patient care.” – Sid Singh, CEO, Rectangle Health

Rectangle Health Celebrates 30 Years

April was a big month, when the company celebrated three decades of providing exceptional software and support to the healthcare industry. We are so grateful to our many customers and partners for helping us grow over the past 30 years, and we’re thrilled to see what the next 30 will bring.

While Rectangle Health’s technology has advanced over the years and our product portfolio has grown, our mission has always remained the same. We simplify the business side of healthcare so that practices can focus on what matters most—their patients. We are so grateful to our many customers, partners, and team members for helping us grow over the past 30 years, and we’re thrilled to see what the future will bring!

Rectangle Health and Zelis Partner on Insurance Payments

The next major milestone for Rectangle Health came in July, with the announcement that the company was partnering with Zelis to enhance the insurance payments process. Rectangle Health and Zelis launched the first-ever, straight-through processing of healthcare and dental digital payments for providers.

In a nutshell, Zelis and Rectangle Health provide one of the easiest ways for healthcare practices to receive reimbursements from insurance providers, while automating the lump payment received, as well as the allocation to individual patient accounts, right into the practice management system. Providers are paid quickly and virtually; they no longer have to wait for a check or plastic credit card to arrive in the mail. And the process is much more accurate, with minimal manual work.

Mike Peluso Promoted to Chief Product and Strategy Officer

In August, Mike Peluso, formerly Chief Technology Officer, was promoted to Chief Product and Strategy Officer of Rectangle Health. Peluso now oversees the product organizations and drives strategy for the company’s technology solutions.

Peluso has been a driving force and a visionary at Rectangle Health since joining the company in 2013 as Chief Technology Officer. He is credited with patenting the company’s flagship platform, Practice Management Bridge®. A strong advocate for innovation, strategic partnerships and integration, he also launched the enterprise sales channel.

Mike’s commitment to delivering world-class products that bring clear returns on investment for our clients, while remaining user-friendly for their staff and patients, is commendable and inspiring. – Sid Singh, CEO, Rectangle Health

More Integrations

Rectangle Health’s Practice Management Bridge® Payments solution interfaces seamlessly with any practice management system. But our integrations amplify efficiency, mitigate errors, reduce the amount of manual work placed on staff, and allow providers to easily access patient data and details at all stages of care.

Integrations will continue to be a priority. Throughout 2023, we welcomed a host of new integration partners, including:

  • Carestack
  • Dentrix Ascend
  • Eaglesoft
  • Dentrix
  • Open Dental
  • NextGen
  • Athena

Unified Navigation Launches

One of the most exciting milestones for Rectangle Health this year is the recent launch of the Unified Navigation experience. Now, our customers have visibility and access to all Practice Management Bridge products – payments and financing, compliance, and engagement – within one, centralized platform.

Now, with the freedom and flexibility to easily access these essential solutions, users will substantially save time and effort.

Major Stories

In addition to these major developments at Rectangle Health, we’ve also covered some of the most pressing challenges, opportunities, and trends facing healthcare providers. Here are the 6 hottest topics.

How to Build the Right Tech Stack for Your Practice or DSO

In this blog, Michelle Dowling, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Rectangle Health recounts a panel discussion at the Women in DSO Empower and Grow conference. Experts discussed how dental service organizations (DSOs) and other healthcare providers can build an effective, internal technology stack.

Dental Leaders Share 3 Tips for Attracting and Retaining Staff

This blog recaps a discussion from the Becker’s Future of Dentistry conference on one of the most significant topics in healthcare today—the staff shortage. Representatives from three DSOs provided attendees with advice on how they can attract top employees—and keep them.

Medical Debt Relief Could Mean a Big Shakeup for Providers

This blog and Executive Report explore how recent actions by the three credit reporting agencies to help relieve patients of medical debt could require medical practices to change how they handle collections. Medical debt under $500 no longer appears on credit reports—and soon, all medical debt may be removed—meaning that patients potentially have less incentive to pay outstanding medical bills.

Rethinking Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management (RCM) has topped the list among software investment categories for healthcare providers in recent years. In this e-book, we explore why RCM matters, barriers to efficient RCM, and how new technologies can make the RCM process faster and more efficient.

Enhancing Cybersecurity at Healthcare Practices

Healthcare has become a prime target for cybercrime since the COVID-19 pandemic. Even as life has mostly returned to pre-pandemic conditions, ransomware attacks, business email compromise (BEC) scams and other fraud schemes have shown no signs of slowing down. In this two-part e-book, Rectangle Health explores why cybercriminals are targeting healthcare—particularly small practices—and what can be done to mitigate these attacks.

Reimagining Practice Management

In this episode of The Modern Practice Podcast, Josh Cooper, Technical Integrations Manager for Rectangle Health, shares insights into the powerful capabilities of Practice Management Bridge. In addition to exploring the latest integrations with practice management systems, Cooper also breaks down Rectangle Health’s partnership with Zelis on straight-through processing.

Just Wait Until Next Year!

As we close out 2023 at Rectangle Health, we’re clearly proud of our accomplishments this year and look forward to 2024. We’re confident that we’ll be soaring to new heights next year, with many exciting announcements to come. See you in the new year!


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