How to Increase Dental Case Acceptance

How to Increase Dental Case Acceptance

Achieving and maintaining a high dental case acceptance rate can be challenging for many dental practices. Patients have the right to reject a dental plan, but doing so can cost a practice time, money, and effort.

What Is Dental Case Acceptance, and Why Is it Important?

In short, dental case acceptance refers to a patient approving their treatment plan, showing up, and paying for appointments. They may even go out and refer everyone they know to the practice. However, a patient saying yes does not ensure case acceptance, and they must show an interest in the treatment and continue with the process.

Overall, dental case acceptance rates can rely on how professionals ease patient fears, create a calm environment, and communicate clearly. Both the patient and dentist can work together to avoid serious problems in the future and make the patient comfortable.

Increase your dental case acceptance rates with several strategies outlined below.

Strategies to Increase Dental Case Acceptance

A patient may reject a dental plan for several reasons, such as lack of insurance or insufficient coverage for the dental care they require. Even for those who have dental insurance, money can be a factor with extensive treatments. Consider implementing these strategies to combat financial concerns and increase case acceptance for dental care plans.

  • Develop trust: Patients prioritize connecting to their providers, especially in healthcare situations. Take the time to understand your patient’s goals and keep them involved in their care plan decisions.
  • Focus on same-day treatment: Efficiency is critical when individuals prefer to get things done immediately, and this trend can apply to your office. Practice saying “today” to interest more patients in prompt and effective treatment.
  • Make plans easy to understand: Using complicated medical terminology can confuse patients about the exact care they need. Instead, use pictures on case presentations and accessible language.
  • Remove fear: Developing trust is vital for your patients, and your words can make a huge impact. Assure patients using terms like basic, simple, easy, and quick to leave them more at ease.
  • Offer financing: Help address financial concerns by using a simple financing option that allows instant approval. Practice Management Bridge offers several solutions to help you offer flexible payment options.

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