Data Protection Begins with Awareness

Safeguarding internal data is essential to the cyber health of any organization. Our latest e-book analyzes current cybersecurity concerns in the healthcare industry and suggests ways your organization can address these threats. As data breaches and related costs escalate, it has become even more important to understand and anticipate these threats so your organization can implement comprehensive protection measures.

The first step to protecting your practice’s data is finding where your practice is most vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. Some of the most common healthcare cybersecurity issues can be prevented through monitoring and regular cybersecurity upkeep. Assessing areas your practice needs improvement can also help you find the best risk mitigation cybersecurity program to protect your practice.

Learn about how your practice can protect itself against data breaches by:

  • Implementing a digital transformation that eliminates paper from the payment processing workflow
  • Utilizing cloud-based computing
  • Complying with HIPAA regulations and Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) processes and procedures
  • Partnering with a technology provider to help protect data and provide education

This e-book also addresses safety and compliance requirements that our Practice Management Bridge® platform meets.

How We Can Help

Download our e-book to learn more about cybersecurity in healthcare, threats your practice may be susceptible to and how your practice can prepare itself to minimize the threat. Get your copy here.

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Reviewed by: Michael Peluso · Chief Technology Officer, Rectangle Health · November 2, 2021

Michael Peluso is a career-long revenue cycle professional with advanced skills and expertise in the specification, development, and implementation of software technologies to accelerate the revenue cycle for health plans and healthcare providers ranging from small practices up to large regional enterprises.

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