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02. 15. 22

Office managers are feeling the effects of staffing challenges. Automation found in payment and engagement technology can give staff time back to focus on giving patients optimal dental care. Rectangle Health’s Executive Vice President of Marketing, Michelle Dowling, recently wrote a can’t-miss article for American Association of Dental Office Management (AADOM) that shares four best practices for automating the dental payment experience. These recommendations include:

  • Storing a patient’s preferred payment method on file to reduce redundant data entry.
  • Registering patients digitally for safety and simplicity—creating a digital front door.
  • Utilizing modern communication tools like customized emails and text messages to reach patients more effectively.
  • Offering patients payment plans to help them afford care.

Discover how your dental practice can achieve greater efficiency and capture more payments with less human intervention by reading the full article here.

How to ease the dental payment experience with automation cta


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