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Discover how Practice Management Bridge simplifies the business side of healthcare and brings value to your practice. Practice Management Bridge allows practices to focus more on excellent patient care – from reducing accounts receivable to relieving administrative burdens.

Benefit from our Practice Management Bridge healthcare technology solution

Practice Management Bridge reduces administrative burden by cutting time spent collecting and posting payments by 30%. 

Practices can:

  • Decrease accounts receivable by offering convenient payment options like online payments, Text to Pay, and QR codes for on-time collection.
  • Cut costs associated with paper billing. Reducing paper billing allows providers to save time and postage costs.
  • Provide an excellent patient experience by offering payments over time and financing options at no financial risk to your practice.
  • Cultivate patient loyalty by spending less time chasing payments and more time caring for patients.

See how Practice Management Bridge helps healthcare practices to improve the patient experience and make every day a little easier at the office. 

how does Practice Management Bridge benefit healthcare providers

Let Rectangle Health help you get more done

As a leader in patient technology solutions, we understand the friction points in your administrative processes that drain valuable time from each day. We’ve designed our innovative work and cash flow platform, Practice Management Bridge®, with ease and efficiency in mind.

By modernizing and simplifying practice operations, our system saves your staff time while helping you achieve faster payments, higher revenues, and improved patient satisfaction. Pre-authorized payments,  Text to Pay, and online payments work seamlessly with your existing PMS/EMR and reduce or eliminate Accounts Receivable and the need for paper statements. Other features include digital registration formscustom text messages, contactless payments, automated payment posting giving patients their preferred options, and streamlining workflows, resulting in an effortless user experience for both staff and patients.

Practice Management Bridge® offers two types of patient financing solutions to give practices flexibility. The patient financing solution in Practice Management Bridge makes offloading patient financing as simple as a few clicks. Third-party patient financing makes care affordable for patients without any financial risk to your practice. Patient financing provided through in-house payment plans keeps the payment relationship between your practice and your patients. With automated payment plans in Practice Management Bridge, collecting installment payments on schedule is easy. Payment plan management is as simple as “set it and forget it.”

Security and Compliance

Security is one of the top concerns in healthcare practices. With that in mind, our software uses standard web protocols with the highest level of protection to safeguard your patient’s health and financial information, making sure you meet today’s standards of healthcare compliance requirements. Rectangle Health can help with HIPAA, OSHA, and PCI compliance training and documentation as an extension of our Practice Management Bridge capabilities.

Learn more about the benefits of Practice Management Bridge for you and your practice or request a demo today.



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