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Nuvance Health

Nuvance Health Case Study

About Nuvance Health

Nuvance Health is an integrated health system offering convenient, accessible, and affordable care to its community. Comprised of multiple hospitals, primary care, specialty practices, outpatient settings, home care services, telehealth capabilities, and skilled nursing and rehabilitations facilities – they help patients achieve optimal care.

The Rectangle Health solution

  • Standardized in-person payment experience across the entire enterprise, for both users and patients.
  • Tailored, integrated experience for online patient payment transactions for all entities, through our flagship product, Practice Management Bridge®.
  • Automated daily posting workflow for every location or payment type initiated.
  • Based on single patient validation, query logic finds all associated balances under a guarantor and displays all Nuvance Health network balances.

In-office workflows

Compatibility with multiple 3rd party vendors including:

  • Bad debt collection
  • IVR services
  • Home care and remote workers
  • Ambulance services

Customizations created to enable:

  • Each user to reconcile at the end of their shift
  • Managers to view team’s collection activity for any time period
  • Cash operations to reconcile payments to their practice management system
  • Finance to reconcile each bank deposit to any and all entities
  • Accurate patient account posting through an automated, unique payment identifier
  • Automatic association of location and internal department with each payment
  • Detailed patient balances from multiple practice management systems, including Eclipsys, Envision, Athena, Sorian Financials, and Cerner Patient Accounting, via file and API methodologies
  • Compatibility with other sources of income such as the cafeteria, gift shop, and parking
  • Receipt of payment to be printed or emailed at time of transaction or as needed

Post-visit payments and balance due

Custom web portal

  • Patients can identify themselves by their Patient ID,
    Statement ID, or Guarantor ID
  • Allows patients to pay multiple statements across
    multiple entities via any internet connection

By the numbers

  • 125 off-site medical practices
  • 7 hospitals
  • Over 500 user accounts created
  • Over 500 workstations configured
  • Fully operational on 5+ patient engagement screens and scalable for more

Maureen Moreno, AVP of Revenue Cycle at Nuvance Health, on her experience using our patient payment and engagement solution:

“We didn’t have tools in place to collect payments. Staff manually entered credit cards, and there was a lack of transactional accountability. Rectangle Health simplified the payment experience across the entire system. They created a seamless, integrated experience that’s more convenient, accurate, and efficient for us and our patients.”

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