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MedQuest Associates

About MedQuest Associates

MedQuest Associates is a leading owner, operator, and manager of outpatient diagnostic imaging facilities, primarily located across the southeastern region of the U.S.

Kendria Johnson, Senior Manager of Patient Account Services, and her team of ten employees use Practice Management Bridge® – a technology solution for improved office efficiency and enhanced patient payment experience – on a daily basis, both remotely and in the office. Kendria was involved in the process of evaluating, selecting, and presenting the solution to senior leadership of MedQuest and was actively involved in its implementation. We asked Kendria what led MedQuest to choose Practice Management Bridge and how their experience has been so far.

“In addition to transaction visibility and refunding ease, it’s very simple for the staff to input payment plan information. It’s also very easy for us to go into the system and look up any information that we need related to those auto-draft accounts.”

Was there a specific need you were looking for Practice Management Bridge to solve?

“We had one major pain point with our previous system – a lack of visibility into transactions prevented us from processing overpayment refunds back to the credit cards used at time of service. We were spending a lot of hours processing those manual refunds. With Practice Management Bridge, we now have visibility into transactions that are processed on the front end at all of our centers, through our call centers, or a patient’s self-pay portal, all in a centralized location. Instead of manually processing refund payments and mailing checks, we can easily find the transaction in Practice Management Bridge and process right back to the credit card that was originally used. It’s a tremendous help and makes for a more efficient workflow.”

How does MedQuest use the payment plan offering in Practice Management Bridge?

“We use the Recurring Payments feature if a patient is unable to pay their balance in full. We can offer them a payment plan that meets their financial needs based on current guidelines that we have in place. We keep the patient’s card information securely on file. It’s more convenient for the patient because it takes the pressure off of them having to remember to call and make their payment each month and allow patients to select the date that’s most convenient for them. We let them know that their account will be drafted every month on that day so they can ensure that they have those funds available. We have quite a few payment plans set up on Practice Management Bridge right now. It’s very successful for us and has helped us reduce outstanding balances.”

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To learn more about how Practice Management Bridge helped to improve the office workflow and payments process of MedQuest Associates, download a PDF of our client testimonial.

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