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Offer your patients a convenient payment method through their mobile devices.

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Simplifying the payment capture process for the modern age

Text to Pay makes mobile payments convenient and simple, benefitting both your patients and your bottom line. With Text to Pay in Practice Management Bridge®, you can send your patients a text message that includes their balance due and a payment link for a streamlined way to pay their bill using their mobile device. Patients want to pay their healthcare providers on their own time, using modern, consumer-friendly payment methods. Text to Pay equips healthcare providers with the payment solution that patients are looking for, and as a result, helps offices capture more incoming payments with less effort.

Sending payment links through text message is a secure and efficient way for healthcare providers to communicate statement information to patients and receive a timely payment. Text to Pay provides a direct way for healthcare offices to:

  • Alert patients to upcoming payments and invoices.
  • Provide links to your practice’s payment gateway.
  • Direct patients to a mobile-friendly checkout page.
  • Send payment confirmation messages.

Text messages are readily accessible and provide a simple notification to remind patients of bills, which makes text-to-pay messages a highly effective option to reach patients. Rectangle Health’s text-to-pay service is a comprehensive solution for healthcare practices’ billing needs.

When you use our solutions, you can feel confident you’ll get an efficient option to interface with your current system and deliver secure payments to your practice. Our Practice Management Bridge offers broad capabilities for text-to-pay and other convenient, contactless payment methods. Our system provides solutions for your practice’s unique needs, from bridging multiple systems to saving staff time with automated processes.

SMS Statements

Reach patients directly with payment links.

Text to Pay helps your patients make payments quickly so that your practice can receive more payments in a timely manner. Reduce your accounts receivable balance by making it easier for patients to pay and save your staff time by making tracking and reporting on billing more straightforward.

More streamlined processes

Text to Pay enables office staff to send text messages to patients directly from their workstation. When payments are received, they can be automatically posted to the patient ledger in any practice management system or electronic health record. The text-to-pay workflow is a streamlined way for offices to communicate balances to patients and for patients to quickly complete payments.

Improved customer experience

When patients can easily make payments and have fewer touchpoints, they will have a better experience with your company. You can build trust and rapport as you facilitate a more straightforward process for them to communicate with your office and complete payments.

Optimized security

Protect sensitive data and ensure safe financial transactions with our highly secure technology.

22% of self-described loyal patients would change healthcare providers if offered better digital communications tools by a competitor.1

How Utilization of Healthcare Payment Technology Improves the Patient Experience

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1Of 2,000 patients surveyed in The Healthcare Payment Experience, January 2021, produced by PYMNTS.com and Rectangle Health.