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Creating an accessible online patient payment platform

Our online payment technology provides an intuitive platform that patients can easily navigate to pay their balances. With convenient payment options, patients are more likely to promptly respond to bills, saving your team from tracking down late payments. If you need to find the best way to receive patient payments online, explore the options Rectangle Health offers. Our platform works with your existing practice management system or electronic health record to make payments more accessible for patients and easier to manage for your practice.

We make it simple to set up your own payment link and begin receiving online payments.

  • Work with a practice management consultant to set up a secure online payment gateway.
  • Use the online payment platform to accept credit and debit cards or electronic checks.
  • Add the payment gateway to your website for easy patient access and share the link in email, print, and SMS.
  • Automatically post payments to the patient ledger in your PMS or EHR using Practice Management Bridge®.

Rectangle Health allows your organization to seamlessly manage payments at all points of the care cycle. Our single interoperable platform also optimizes cash flow and minimizes liability concerns by meeting compliance regulations and streamlining your billing workflows. With more accessible and user-friendly ways to make payments, your patients and your practice both benefit.

Online Payments

Automatically post to the patient ledger.

By creating a more accessible and user-friendly way to make payments, your organization can see the following benefits:

Increase payment rates

When patients receive invoices right to their email inbox or phone and can follow the link with a click, they’re far more likely to pay bills promptly.

Enhanced security

The secure payment gateway ensures all financial data stays protected through the billing process.

Optimized reporting accuracy

Using online payments allows your practice to track transactions digitally and ensure billing and reporting accuracy.

Decreased time and labor

Your staff can significantly reduce resource waste, maximizing time and labor with our systems.

Compatibility with existing platforms

Our online payment options are compatible with virtually any practice management system and interface seamlessly with your processes. Your staff can work in a single system for various operations, saving them time and effort.

Less manual work

Our solutions will also store encrypted payment information for future reference and provide automated posting capabilities, so staff won’t have to post transactions manually.

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