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Connecting with your patients in an efficient, direct, and personal way

Our customizable text messaging technology gives practices a whole new patient communication channel. If you have a patient’s mobile number, you can send text messages right through Practice Management Bridge® directly to the patient’s mobile device. Text messages are a reliable way to reach patients with important communications, reminders, and payment information.

  • Payment reminders
  • Links to digital registration forms
  • Links to make an online payment
  • Policy changes or other announcements
  • Appointment openings
  • Appointment reminders

Sending text messages saves staff time that they would otherwise spend trying to reach patients on the phone, and text message communication has a much higher success rate of reaching patients than calling and leaving voicemails1.

  • Patients will see what you send them — SMS open rates are as high as 98%.
  • Text messages are preferred for company communications, over phone calls and emails, by 85% of people.
  • Don’t rely on the old methods of getting in touch — 90% of companies said they leave voicemails to talk to consumers, while 29% of consumers said they don’t listen to voicemails at all.

Engage patients with registration, appointment, payment and policy updates.

22% of self-described loyal patients would change healthcare providers if offered better digital communications tools by a competitor.2

Enhance Patient Experience with Technology

Three key statistics show how important technology is to the patient experience.

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1SlickText. (2021, January 4). 44 Mind-Blowing SMS Marketing and Texting Statistics. 2Of 2,000 patients surveyed in The Healthcare Payment Experience, January 2021, produced by and Rectangle Health.