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Practice Management Bridge® technology optimizes the patient experience by capturing a card on file, as well as enabling digital payments and contactless payment solutions like Apple Pay® and Google Pay™.


Payment Processing

Payment processing tailored exclusively for the specific needs of the healthcare industry.

Rectangle Health offers patient payment processing solutions specifically for the healthcare industry, and we add functionality at no additional cost to make transactions frictionless for both patient and practitioner.

Payment Processing Specific to Health Care

The primary financial obstacle faced by healthcare practitioner offices is non-payment for services rendered. Rectangle Health’s real time system places money in the hands of the healthcare practitioner’s office within 24 hours of a transaction, quickly capturing payments into a system that’s easy for the office to use and simple for patients to understand. Receive more patient payments with Rectangle Health.

We provide healthcare practitioners and staff simple techniques to procure payment at the time of treatment, or at least guarantee payment using the patient’s existing credit card. The program is so successful Rectangle Health’s current healthcare providers have experienced up to a 75% increase in payments at the time of a patient’s treatment.

If you’re navigating challenges around payment processing for medical services, Rectangle Health offers healthcare billing solutions to optimize financial transactions for your practice. With our solutions, we can help you move forward.

Secure Payment Processing

Our secure payment processing platform allows you to gain enhanced protection for sensitive financial information. Ensure trusted security for your practice’s and your patients’ financial data while getting an efficient healthcare payment processing solution.

Revenue Cycle Management

From initial appointments to final payments, optimize your practice’s revenue cycle management with our solutions. You can efficiently track patients’ transactions throughout the care cycle and facilitate on-time, prompt payments.

Self-Service Capabilities

Provide the self-service features patients need to handle specific transactions. Our systems allow for user-friendly, efficient self-service capabilities to make processing simpler for your office.

Touch-Free Technology

Meet health and safety requirements with touch-free technology options to reduce contact. With solutions for completing no-contact, online or touch-free in-office transactions, you can handle your operations efficiently and safely.

Practice Management Bridge®

Our proprietary payment processing interface works seamlessly with your existing practice management system. Practice Management Bridge can be configured for independent practices and multi-location networks alike, improving workflows for office teams of any size or specialization. Our suite is fast and easy to implement while being entirely remote.

Rectangle Health developed Practice Management Bridge to meet the needs of today’s consumers, who want flexible, digital-based and uncomplicated ways to compensate for the many services they pay for — including healthcare. We also sought to reduce the need for manual input entry. Automated, error-free information entry can help your team manage new or existing patients and their preferred payment methods. We’ve worked diligently to create a frictionless solution that gives practitioners and administrators a better office experience and offers patients a user-friendly way to navigate the payment process.

Better engagement and convenience are major strengths of the Practice Management Bridge platform. We offer contactless point-of-sale payments and multiple options to send and receive bills through patients’ desktops or mobile devices. Our comprehensive solution supports personable communication and organization across each of your managed locations.

Why Choose Rectangle Health?

Over 60,000 healthcare providers in the U.S. have selected Rectangle Health as their partner in streamlining their administrative needs and billing cycles. Our technology is both HIPAA- and PIC-compliant and structured to prevent instances of fraud and data theft. Protecting and encrypting information at every point, our solution minimizes risk while driving revenue.

By automating your processes and modernizing your payments with Practice Management Bridge, you can focus on delivering great care and growing your private or group practice. To learn more about what our payment processing solutions can offer your healthcare organization, reach out to us today.

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