Master HIPAA Compliance and Cybersecurity for Your Practice


Our digital world presents endless possibilities, but it also introduces significant threats. Whether it’s attacks from hackers or new HIPAA guidelines to navigate, this session will equip you with strategies to transform your compliance infrastructure, mitigate threats, and foster an environment of security. Modernizing your data and compliance strategies now will provide a safer, more secure future for your practice. 

Discussion topics: 

  • Learn quick tips to keep your patient and practice data secure 
  • Understand common HIPAA and OSHA misconceptions 
  • Review how to prevent cyber threats and attacks 
  • Gain free access to a comprehensive risk assessment



terry mcdonald

Terry McDonald
Director of Compliance Solutions
Rectangle Health

Terry McDonald is widely recognized as an expert in the healthcare compliance and cybersecurity sectors. He provides deep understanding and knowledge around HIPAA, OSHA, PCI compliance, and cybersecurity protection. Terry has dedication and passion for ensuring that the healthcare sector operates within the boundaries of compliance and maintains robust cybersecurity measures. This passion, combined with expertise, allows Terry to recommend effective solutions and strategies that safeguard the interests of healthcare providers and patients alike. Connect with Terry on LinkedIn.

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