The Power of One

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On this episode of The Modern Practice Podcast, host Gary Tiratsuyan is joined by Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Matthew Love to discuss the evolution of Rectangle Health, and our software to meet the needs of healthcare practices and organizations.

During the conversation, Matthew shares details into how Rectangle Health has combined payment technology, with communication, engagement, financing, and compliance solutions to offer clients a single, powerful platform to manage the day to day.

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Gary Tiratsuyan 00:00

Hello everybody, and welcome Back to the Modern Practice Podcast. We’ve got an awesome episode in store for you today as we’re joined by Matt Love, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at Rectangle Health to discuss the Power of One. Before we get into the details of what it means for Rectangle Health as an organization and to our clients and partners, I want to thank you, Matt, for taking the time to join us today. It’s always fun when we get to chat.

Matt Love 00:45

Indeed, Gary, thanks for having me.

Always a pleasure to be with you and our audience.

Gary Tiratsuyan 00:48

Matt, I want to give our audience a little bit of background as we thought about bringing this episode to life. Rectangle Health holds annual meeting where members of our teams across the country get together, share thoughts and ideas, and discuss how we can further champion client and partner success. This year’s meeting, for me personally, and I’m sure many across the organization, was extremely powerful. The theme was the power of one. I want to give our listeners a good understanding of what it means, but I think it starts with how the leadership team came up with it. Can you talk to me a little.

Matt Love 01:23

Healthcare and Rectangle Health have been on a journey for some years, and more recently, Rectangle Health has brought together a number of different teams and organizations to really build that value. Beyond that, core payments competency. And I’ll throw some examples out, thinking about things like compliance for healthcare, practice reminders, and scheduling.

Alongside that, core business means that we are bigger.

It means that we have more value. It means we have more teammates. And so as you look about all these different people, it becomes fast apparent that we need to unite under a single banner, right? With integrity, with our listening ears on understanding the needs of providers, and with a single mission in mind. So it makes sense that we would refer to ourselves as one team. But there’s two parallels There.

One, each of us, as a teammate, has his or her own individual mandate to go and do something great, to understand the needs of the practice and deliver for it with all of him or herself. The other side of that means working together and knowing that while I may have a specific specialty, behind me is a greater team. And that I’m not only delivering myself, I’m delivering with this full weight and power of a team behind me. And so I think the conclusion is we are greater than the sum of our individual parts that together, Rectangle Health now has much more awesome value to provide to the marketplace. And that means now we can bring in additional specialties and deliver in ways we couldn’t before for our clients and partners.

The Evolution of Rectangle Health

Gary Tiratsuyan 03:18

So very true. And you touched on it. And I love what you said about the sum of all of our efforts being greater than just individual. And I want to dive a little bit deeper because it’ll paint a really nice picture and tie back to the power of one. Can you talk to me about the evolution of the company, like where it stands today? Why are we saying the power of one?

Matt Love 03:41

Gary it’s a great question. Where we began was as a niche operator in the dental space, looking to improve payments, efficiencies we parlayed that into something bigger. Today we think of ourselves as software and so much expertise, making the whole business side for a practice streamlined and more efficient, really helping everything from the staff to the healthcare providers themselves focus on patient care and the patient experience. And we can do that today using the power of one. One interface, one combined team of expertise.

Gary Tiratsuyan 04:22

I love that. And it’s a perfect segue into my next question, just going to shift gears here a little bit. The power of one, for lack of a better word, is a powerful message. And when you go from, let’s say, just a payments organization or a predominantly payment driven organization, that’s the service that you’re offering. And then you evolve over time into so much more. You mentioned compliance, you mentioned reminders and scheduling. How do you think that message was received by staff and what does it mean for them?

Matt Love 04:57

Well, it was really received well by our team. I tell you what, they got completely excited because Rectangle Health Solutions really aren’t about a sale, they’re really about solutions. And so we fancied ourselves, sherlock Holmes and Watson’s of the world now, looking through a different lens that we have a problem to solve, and that is making the business side of the practice more, you know, reducing the things that keep office managers and staff on phones instead of paying attention to their patients, that have them following up on balances due, instead of thinking about the patient experience treating disease, their primary missions. And so it meant we could make healthy practices in turn have healthier patients. So we’re now more directly connected to the mission of healthcare simply by making the business side more streamlined and simpler.

So we got very excited about being able to affect real change in their practices and doing it a way that really wasn’t about sales. It’s instead about working together to meet the needs of the client. That’s got to begin with listening, discovering. So I think we can walk in, we can call, we can feel that inbound and now mean we can do something much more compelling, not alone, but with a full weight of team behind us to meet the needs of the client and the partner.

So they were amped, very excited.

Gary Tiratsuyan 06:22

Excellent. And we’ve spoken about the message, how it came to be, what it means internally, and yet another great segue to our clients, to our partners, and to the industry as a whole. What does it mean when an organization says, hey, we’ve listened and we’re here to help, we’ve always have been and here’s how with the power of one.

Matt Love 06:43

Yeah, that means that someone can walk into a healthcare practice, can really observe and detect the needs of the practice and solution something on the receiving end of that. If you’re an office manager, if you’re on staff, if you’re on the financial side of the practice, ultimately it’s about pain points being resolved. It’s looking to rectangle Health, having an organization that understands, speaks in solutions, that in the business of healthcare, removing hurdles helps you focus on your primary mission. In short, Gary, it means having a solution and having a team behind it that can be the go to place for a number of different competencies, all on the business side of the practice and so suddenly, what had been problems are now removed. What had been complex, simple and rather than multiple logins, multiple different tools, I now have that Swiss Army knife right. Addressing so much and bringing so much value to the business side of my practice. In short, keeping me back focused on what we’re there to do, which is to help the patient.

What’s Next

Gary Tiratsuyan 07:55

I love that for any company in healthcare and not in healthcare, the greatest source of information is the clients and the feedback of the industry as a whole. So being able to problem solve and address every need now and anticipate future challenges and obstacles is great for rectangle health. But more importantly, it gives the clients and the partners confidence that with one solution, one software, you can meet today’s needs and tackle tomorrow’s challenges. So I absolutely love that. Thank you so much for that, Matt. Before we wrap up, I just want to ask you personally, if you don’t mind sharing, what are you most excited about as a member of Rectangle Health and what’s to come?

Matt Love 08:38

In the know, I think healthcare is a dynamic place and so providers are going to continue to treat disease, cure that patient condition. I think there are complex business needs today. I think they’re not static, they’re going to change. And so you’ve got to be dealing with an organization that is listening, whose solutions are driven by what they hear and what they see from their clients. We are very client driven organization. They’ll continue to inform us as to challenges. And so I think right now we are streamlining and simplifying the business side. But I think those problems are going to change. We’ve got the expertise, the will and the care to listen and to change along with and meet the needs of the practice. So I’m really excited in the short term about knowing that our entire team, under one banner, can deliver value by Listening, using integrity, making that business side simpler. And I think the future, Gary, what that holds is if you’ve ever been on a hiking trip or let’s say to Machu Picchu, right, any of our listeners who’ve done that know that it can be an arduous trip to the top and it’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful. We’re talking 15th century architecture by the Incas. You’re at the top of the Andes. Looking about at the sky, and then you’ll notice there’s another peak winapici right before you still higher. And I think it’s a great allegory because there’s always another mountain, isn’t there. Even when you think you’ve reached the top. I think healthcare is going to continue to pose future challenges, and I think we’re going to continue to look to that next peak and forge that staircase, that path, and climb up it together with our clients. So I’m not just excited about what we’re going to go and do today. I’m excited about the challenge to come. Know that we’re looking for those pathways greatly informed by what our clients and our partners and the industry needs. We’re in it together, right? And they’re not alone. They’ve got that full power of the Rectangle Health team here to help them.

Gary Tiratsuyan 10:51

Definitely exciting. Definitely a lot to look forward to and definitely a lot to think through and prepare for as a company. We continue to evolve and continue to develop our software and what we provide based on that feedback you mentioned from the industry. So thank you so much. And Matt, I have to put in a shameless plug for the show. I’m going to put you on the spot and say I hope we can schedule another time for you to come back on real soon.

Matt Love 11:20

I’d love that opportunity, Gary. Thank you. Pleasure’s all here.

Gary Tiratsuyan 11:23

Awesome. Thanks again, Matt. One last note before we wrap up. I will have a link for you all to discover and learn more about Rectangle Health’s powerful software in the episode description below. Take a look and take advantage of a no cost assessment that will show you not only how much your organization can grow financially, but how it immediately makes the day to day for you and your staff simpler and more efficient. Thanks for tuning in. Till next time, everybody.

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