Two New Ways to Elevate Your Practice’s HIPAA Compliance

New HIPAA gap assessment

In the ever-evolving landscape of HIPAA compliance, practices must stay ahead of regulatory requirements. Doing so is critical to safeguarding patient data and maintaining trust within your practice.  

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our updated HIPAA Risk Assessment and new HIPAA Gap Assessment. We designed both to empower your practice with compliance solutions. 

Protecting patient privacy and confidentiality is more critical than ever: more than 124 million healthcare records were breached in 2023. Our updated assessments are designed to support your practice wherever it is on its compliance journey to stay HIPAA-compliant and protect patient health information against evolving threats. 

Introducing the HIPAA Gap Assessment: Quickly Uncover Your Compliance Vulnerabilities

The HIPAA Gap Assessment is now live and available to all. This free tool assesses and uncovers compliance gaps within your practice. You can use your results to proactively identify areas of weakness in your security measures, implement appropriate safeguards, and mitigate risks of data breaches or HIPAA violations. 

Key Benefits of the HIPAA Gap Assessment

  • Easy: HIPAA compliance is complicated enough. We made it simple to start assessing and addressing compliance gaps within your practice. 
  • Fast: With only 25 questions and about 10 minutes of your time, our HIPAA Gap Assessment simplifies the first steps of the compliance process. 
  • Practical: Get quick tips to shore up your compliance and the option to go over your results with an expert. 

Introducing the Updated HIPAA Risk Assessment: A Deeper Dive into Your Compliance Needs

Bridge™ Compliance customers now have access to an enhanced HIPAA Risk Assessment. This assessment offers a comprehensive look at your compliance needs and aligns with the latest HHS Office for Civil Rights criteria to protect patient data and streamline compliance efforts for your practice.  

Key Benefits of the Updated HIPAA Risk Assessment

  • Personalized: Gain a deeper understanding of your practice’s compliance needs with a comprehensive and personalized risk analysis tailored to your specific needs. Get essential education and strategies customized for your practice’s current level of compliance. 
  • Actionable: Receive real-time tips and categorized risk levels. The HIPAA Risk Assessment automatically tells you what needs to be remediated, empowering you to improve compliance and proactively address any vulnerabilities. 
  • Data-Driven: Benefit from enhanced reporting capabilities and guided workflows for documenting remediation actions, ensuring compliance with ease and efficiency. 
  • Simple: With less than an hour of time you can simplify and automate HIPAA compliance. Every subsequent year you complete the assessment will be faster as you build on your existing reports and visualize your year-over-year trends and improvements. 

Our Commitment to Your Practice’s Security

At Rectangle Health, we’re dedicated to ensuring that practices have the tools and resources they need to identify HIPAA compliance risks and adhere to legal requirements. With our updated assessments, you can elevate your practice’s security and stay ahead of HIPAA risks with confidence. 

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