Taking Charge in Changing Times

Taking Charge in Changing Times

With the competing demands of running a successful practice, adopting new front-office technology often gets pushed aside and takes the backseat to other needs. However, as the staff at Dr. Perry K. Tuneberg & Associates learned in 2020, a digital transformation to faster, more efficient tools in the front office benefits the entire organization, from owners to patients.

In Dr. Tuneberg’s case, the charge for a technology upgrade came from the office manager, Casey Jones. Because of her research into, and the ultimate partnership with, Rectangle Health, the practice was prepared for the various challenges that the pandemic threw its way just months after implementation. Not only have they been able to offer patients safe, contactless payments, but their practice is running smoother and more efficiently than ever while also saving money.

This insightful case study eBook examines Dr. Tuneberg & Associates journey from former pain points, to implementation, to the payoffs of adopting Practice Management Bridge®. Hear the start-to-finish process of their front-office transformation – in Ms. Jones’ and Dr. Tuneberg’s own words.

In addition, this resource gives you a leading dental practice consultant’s Top 5 Team-Building Tactics for Practices Facing Technology Transitions.

“The fact that I hear no negatives or complaints from the staff about the system is No. 1. I would say freeing the staff up from those tedious monthly payment issues and always having to re-access a credit card is probably saving tens of thousands of dollars in staff time.”
Dr. Perry K. Tuneberg, Dr. Perry K. Tuneberg & Associates

Learn about the opportunities that digital tools offer dental practices and DSOs and how to prepare for, and overcome, obstacles that your organization might face when adopting new technology.

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