Engaging Patients in a Modern Way

Healthcare practices are engaging patients in more convenient, and dynamic ways. Thanks to leading-edge technology platforms, providers can interact with their patients efficiently, while keeping schedules full and manual processes to a minimum. In this blog, we will explore how Practice Management Bridge®️ enhances patient engagement for practices.

During a recent webinar, Val Orozco, Office Manager of Dallas-area dental practice Rose Aesthetics, a Rectangle Health client, joined Kristin Hess, our VP of Product Marketing, to discuss the advantages of using Rectangle Health’s BridgeTM Engagement to enhance their patients’ experience.

A Retail-Like Experience

The two agreed that patients’ expectations have changed significantly in recent years. They demand a ‘retail-like’ experience from their healthcare providers – one-to-one personalization, patient self-scheduling, one-click confirmations, and cost transparency.

The majority of patients, 85%, now prefer to be reached via text message over phone or email.

Orozco confirmed. “A lot of my patients love the texting service, because it’s more convenient,” she said. “Most of my patients are busy with work, busy with kids or out and about… they get to text back at their convenience and let us know if they’re going to miss their appointment and need to reschedule it, or they can confirm the appointment.”

Understanding how patients prefer to communicate, Rectangle Health has equipped Bridge Engagement with two-way texting capabilities digital forms, appointment reminders, online scheduling, surveys and reviews—everything a practice can offer to give patients that retail-like experience. “We want to be able to offer patients what they expect as consumers… that always-on experience that feels personalized and caters to their needs,” Hess said.

Three Lesser-Known Features

But Bridge Engagement goes a step further and provides practices? with some groundbreaking features that enhance and prolong provider/patient relationships. Hess provided deeper insight into these lesser-known capabilities:

  • Patient Reactivation: This feature uses data from your practice management system to automatically send out recall messages to patients that are overdue for appointments. Patients can book and request new appointments via scheduling links that are delivered through text, email, and the provider’s website. This friendly, yet automated “shoulder tap” helps drive patient retention because it keeps patients engaged with minimal staff intervention.
  • Waitlist Management: This feature can keep providers’ schedules full by automatically contacting a patient on the waitlist and offering them a vacant spot whenever a patient cancels an appointment. Cancellations can hurt healthcare practices’ bottom line; this feature minimizes that issue substantially. Settings are customizable, so practices can ensure that patients schedule appointments with the right provider and for the right length of time.
  • Reputation Management and Patient Surveys: This feature automatically surveys a patient after a visit, gathering their feedback while the experience is still fresh. Responses are then compiled into summary reports and connected to third-party reviews. More and more, patients look to reviews before selecting a new provider; if they see positive feedback for a practice on Google, they’re much more likely to make an appointment.

Get Started with a Digital Engagement Platform

Bridge Engagement allows you to offer your patients a five-star experience. Make it easy on your patients to learn about your practice, book an appointment and stay informed. With Bridge Engagement, you’ll keep your schedule full, and your patients engaged through every step of their care.

Bridge Engagement is part of the Practice Management Bridge unified platform, which brings together Rectangle Health’s three core products. This first-of-a-kind platform seamlessly integrates Bridge Engagement, Bridge Payments, and Bridge Compliance into a single, intuitive hub. Request a demo today.

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