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Using Patient Engagement Tools

Build and maintain strong patient relationships.

Bridge Engagement automates communications and the perpetual process of keeping your schedule full, your patients notified, and their feedback consistently solicited. Benefit from a full suite of solutions, that empower you to automatically connect with patients at ideal times throughout their continuum of care using their preferred method.


Keep your schedule full and patients empowered.

Technology enables patients to easily find, select, and directly book or request an appointment. It’s convenient for them, time saving for you, and feels just as personalized as ever!

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Benefit from Patient Scheduling:

Add 'Schedule Now' links on your website, email newsletters, and social media pages to make it easy for patients to book or request appointments any time.

Recall notifications notify patients when they are due for continuing-care appointments, facilitating hassle-free scheduling.

Software detects appointment cancelations and missed appointments, so you can proactively contact patients and encourage them to get back on the schedule.

Fill My Schedule Now is a unique feature that helps you maximize revenue by intelligently contacting patients who require an appointment so you can fill open slots in your schedule.

Detects cancellations in your schedule and automatically fills the vacant spots. Customizable settings ensure that patients will always book the appropriate type of appointment and for the proper length of time.


Maximize appointment attendance with messages that get attention.

Missed appointments are costly, but fortunately many can be prevented with a series of proactive and completely automated notifications - from the moment a patient schedules to the point they enter the office.

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Benefit from Appointment Notifications:

Immediately notify patients that their request for an appointment is finalized.

Structure appointment reminders to be timed perfectly between scheduling and the appointment. Options in the series are customizable, and include:

1. An Early Reminder
2. The Primary Reminder
3. A Reminder Nudge
4. The Day of Appointment Reminder

Notify patients when you need to reschedule their appointment due to inclement weather or other unexpected circumstances.


Keep patients informed to improve outcomes.

Effective communication is the cornerstone of strong patient connections and better outcomes. Enhance patient involvement and loyalty through tailored messaging at every stage of their journey.

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Benefit from Patient Engagement:

Allow patients to communicate directly with your practice staff about appointments or non-critical questions.

Keep many or all patients informed of non-clinical practice updates with a single outreach.

Leverage patient survey responses to calculate net promoter scores and encourage satisfied patients to post a public review.

Launch surveys to patients right after their appointments, while their experience is still fresh.

Manage your patient contact list and use the email campaign builder to share news and educational information.

Top Bridge Engagement Features

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Online self-scheduling

Simplify appointment scheduling

Blue Appointment reminders icon
Appointment reminders

Avoid costly no-shows

Blue Waitlist management icon
Waitlist management

Detect cancellations and fill vacant spots

Blue Recall notifications icon
Recall notifications

Notify patients when they are due for care

Blue Fill my schedule icon
'Fill My Schedule'

Fill empty time slots with like appointments

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Cancellation Recapture

Patients who cancel their appointment are automatically prompted to reschedule their visit.

A secure and compliant patient engagement platform.

Practice Management Bridge is developed and maintained at the highest standards for compliance to safeguard your practice, your protected health information, and your patients’ payment data.

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Amplify your team’s productivity.

Practice Management Bridge drives efficiency and user satisfaction by integrating directly with your current healthcare technology. Securely connect data across applications and get more done without toggling between solutions. 

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