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Save time, get paid faster, and grow your practice — all with one powerful platform. Our first-of-its-kind partnership with Zelis revolutionizes the way providers process insurance reimbursements, fueling efficiency and growth.

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Benefit from:

Together, Bridge™ Payments and Zelis cut reimbursement processing time in half. The advanced integration is designed to shorten payer payment processing cycles and fuel practice growth. Practices pairing Bridge Payments and Zelis have reduced accounts receivable by up to 2 weeks.

Our technology automates receiving and processing payer payments, so you can focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional patient care. Experience up to 5x faster insurance reimbursement processing and save around 20 staff hours a month.

Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to accurate and up-to-date claims data. Automated insurance reimbursement processing results in fewer data errors and protects your practice by providing a higher level of security for insurance claims payments.

Easily access standardized explanations of payments, down to the claim-level detail. Together, Bridge Payments and Zelis enhance transaction and cash flow visibility. Easily monitor your revenue cycle and identify areas for improvement.

Top Bridge Payments + Zelis features.

Everything you need for faster payments and a thriving practice.

Recurring payment plans
Straight-Through Processing

Simple and fast insurance payments. 

One-click refunds

For quick payback of insurance and patient payments. 

Sophisticated reporting

Greater visibility into your revenue cycle. 

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Full payment suite

More ways to pay like contactless and Text-to-Pay.

Online bill pay
Online bill pay

Patients can pay from anywhere, 24/7. 

Card account updater
Seamless payment posting

Directly into your EMR, EHR, PMS, in real time. 






Revolutionizing the entire claims process.

Straight-Through Processing works quickly to get your practice paid and save your staff time. Here’s how it works: 

  1. Zelis initiates a virtual credit card payment and standardized explanation of payments.
  2. Once approved, the funds settle into the provider’s bank account.  
  3. The provider verifies the payment and posts to the PMS with one click. 

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Posting is much quicker now that you can integrate inside the claim and not just on the ledger like you normally do!”

Legacy Family Dental

Straight-Through Processing, an automated process done by electronic transfers with no manual intervention involved, streamlines and simplifies the entire insurance claim process and stands to transform the financial and accounting landscape for every healthcare organization.”

Yusuf Qasim, President of Payments Optimization at Zelis

Our partnership with Zelis brings a solution to the industry that no one else offers and is for the betterment of every healthcare practice, staff, and consumer by resolving lengthy administrative tasks and lack of connectivity while giving providers back time to deliver additional care to their patients.”

Michael Peluso, Chief Technology Officer at Rectangle Health

Ready to experience faster payments?

Accelerate revenue cycles and save time with Straight-Through Processing from Bridge Payments and Zelis. Learn how easy processing reimbursements can be, saving you time, reducing practice risk, and minimizing accounts receivable. Schedule a demo today to see how Bridge Payments and Zelis can help you: 

  • Speed up payer reimbursement.
  • Eliminate administrative tasks. 
  • Reduce practice risk.  
  • Meet your revenue cycle goals. 

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