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Simplify patient intake with digital forms.

Welcome to the future of patient intake, registration, and payment processing. Our advanced digital forms solution is precisely what your practice needs to modernize operations, enhance patient experience, and streamline your practice operations.

Secure and Convenient

Why digital forms?

Healthcare providers know that the patient intake process is often bogged down with paperwork, causing inconvenience for both patients and staff. But in today's digital age, there's a better way to collect patient information accurately and conveniently: digital forms.

How you benefit:

Email or text your patients links to registration forms they can complete before their appointment. This saves valuable time and simplifies the check-in process.

Offer a safer, contactless check-in by avoiding the need for physical clipboards and pens.

Digital forms eliminate manual data entry, reduce errors and save the practice money by reducing printing costs.

Securely collect payment information before the appointment to streamline the billing process.

Efficiency Meets Security

Advantages of Bridge Payments

Our platform's intuitive design ensures that patients have no difficulty navigating and completing their payments. By offering a range of convenient payment options, including credit/debit cards and electronic checks, we not only make it easier for patients to respond quickly to invoices but also allow your staff to avoid the hassle of chasing late payments.

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Experience the benefits:

With our digital forms, patients can complete registration and payment details at their own pace before their appointment, directly impacting efficiency and satisfaction.

Say goodbye to the back-and-forth of clipboards and pens. Our solution promotes a safe, contactless check-in process that patients appreciate in today's healthcare environment.

Our forms easily upload to your existing practice management systems or electronic health records, reducing manual data entry and freeing up your staff's time.

Collect payment information securely ahead of appointments, placing the preferred card on file for future payments and smoothening the payment process.

When it comes to healthcare – period – Rectangle Health is the only solution I could ever potentially consider.”

Sam Zantout

Co-Owner of Therapy Specialists of Oklahoma

I can’t say enough about the Rectangle Health team. They have been there through all of it, and I think that has made the difference...It’s really been smooth sailing for such a large group.”

Adrianna Weicht

Chief Operations Officer, Innovative Healthcare Business Solutions and Consultant to Ortho Florida

Freeing the staff up from those tedious monthly payment issues and always having to re-access a credit card is probably saving tens of thousands of dollars in staff time.”

Perry K. Tuneberg, D.D.S.

Perry K. Tuneberg & Associates, Inc.

Ready to revolutionize your patient intake and payment processes?

Let us demonstrate how our digital forms can simplify the business side of healthcare for your patients and staff. Experience convenience, efficiency, and accuracy—go digital with your patient forms today.

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