Restoring Dental Operations Safely and Effectively

Dental practices are tasked with restoring operations to maximize patient and staff safety in an ever-changing healthcare landscape due to COVID-19. This white paper highlights the issues that providers will want to prioritize for a quick, safe reopening and return to profitability.

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A Post-COVID-19 Analysis: Restoring Dental Operations Safely and Effectively

A Post-COVID-19 Analysis

Most dental, orthodontic, and endodontic practices have been limited to treating only emergency cases in line with current health and safety guidelines due to COVID-19, but let’s face it – the restrictions have had, and continue to have, a devastating financial impact on providers. Through no fault of their own, providers have also been unable to meet the needs of a majority of their patients. Out of necessity, routine care will be back in play at some point in the second half of the year, if not before; in fact, several states have already allowed practices to reopen.

Have you made provisions yet to safely reopen your practice to accommodate the volume of patients who will be lining up for appointments?

A recent poll of dental practitioners nationwide – many of whom closed or were servicing urgent cases only over the past several months – sheds light on their top concerns:

  • Financial relief for their practice

  • Dental staff and patient safety

  • Guidelines and support for reopening their practices

This white paper explores how COVID-19 has rapidly changed patient expectations, why the way you’ve been performing your routine, administrative functions may need to change, and most importantly, how you can improve operations quickly and safely to increase payments and reduce costs.

You will find the solutions to all three major issues affecting providers across dental specialties and how utilizing technology that allows your practice to accept contactless payments, automate patient pre-registration, and usher in the “no waiting room” concept can have an immediate, positive impact on staff and patient safety and revenue on your road to recovery.

As you contemplate what it will take to get your practice back up and running, this paper will be your guide to creating a new patient experience with advanced technology that ties the patient registration, payment, and collections process together to reduce contact at every touchpoint and meet the needs of a changing healthcare landscape.

Rectangle Health Guarantee

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