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08. 17. 23

“Utilizing Payment Tools to Increase Revenue For Your Practice” webinar hosted by Matthew Morrobel

During this informative webinar, Matthew Morrobel shares how practices are reducing accounts receivable, and the need for tedious follow-ups and billing, utilizing modern payment tools! Matthew shares how modern digital payment options take practices from:

  • Checkout waits to waves on the way out.
  • Outstanding balances to immediate payments.
  • Bills to payment receipts.
  • No-shows to actionable cancellation policies.
  • Payment uncertainty to an agreed-upon plan.

You will also see live demonstrations of the Vault in Practice Management Bridge® and the Preauthorized Healthcare Form.

  • Techniques for discussing Card on File with your patients.
  • Effective use of a Preauthorized Healthcare Form.
  • Mastering the Vault in Practice Management Bridge.

Plus, a product expert will show you how to use the Vault in Practice Management Bridge along with the Preauthorized Healthcare form to streamline and ensure future payments.

See how simple it can be to manage the day to day at your practice, with Practice Management Bridge.

Rectangle Health Matthew Morrobel

About the host: Matthew Morrobel has been with Rectangle Health for 4 years. and while he has worn many hats from Product Delivery Specialist to Product Training Manager to Sales Training Manager, where his occupational hat currently rests as a Product Marketing Manager could not make him more excited with the value he is able to add. Rectangle Health is experiencing tremendous growth and our solution set continues to expand which means we have more ways to help and more to talk about and that’s what gets Matthew fired up. Connect with Matthew on LinkedIn. 

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