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03. 16. 23

“That’s Too Expensive” – Secrets to overcoming the toughest patient financial objections.

How many times a day do you hear money objections from your patients? Objections like…

• “I can’t afford it.”

• “That’s too much money.”

• “That’s more than I was expecting.”

• “Will my insurance cover all that?”

• “I need to talk to my (husband, wife, etc.) about it first.”

• “I need to think about it.”

During this webinar, you will discover:

• The secret, common denominator to overcoming financial objections.

• Is it really about the money? How to find out.

• The missing tools that will help overcome your patients’ money concerns.

• Proven verbal skills that will shift the discussion.

• How to turn objections into opportunities for treatment acceptance.

• How to hear “Yes” more often from your patients. And much, much more!

*This webinar was originally recorded for the intent and purpose of providing continuing education credits to those who register and complete it. Rectangle Health is no longer offering the opportunity to receive credits and by viewing this webinar, you are not completing a course. This video is now strictly for educational purposes.

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Presented by: Steven J. Anderson – Co-founder, Crown Council and the Smiles for Life Foundation. Founder, Total Patient Service Institute. Steve Anderson has been named “Dental Businessman of the Year” by Excellence in Dentistry. He and his team coach top practices in dentistry to reach the highest levels of case acceptance and patient service. Join us for a webinar packed with proven, easy-to-implement ideas, techniques, and systems used by top teams around the country to hear “yes” more often from their patients.

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